2015/16 Winter Grand Prix: Race 5 results

A set of results from Race 5 of the 2015/16 Winter Series can be viewed below.


As ever, huge thanks to all the members who volunteered on a bitterly cold evening and to the runners for supporting the series.


The final race of the series is scheduled for Tuesday, 1st March 2016.


positionnamerace timereal timepointsclub
1Katie Snowdon00:27:3000:25:30150
2Jess Timms00:27:4000:27:40149
3James Sibbald00:27:5100:23:51148
4Cheetah Cheetam00:28:4200:23:42147
5Richard Bowes00:28:5000:21:20146
6Andrew Sears00:28:5900:23:29145
7Lysanne Jurriansen00:29:1300:22:43144
8Tom Sheppard00:29:2000:26:50143
9Paul Jones00:29:3000:24:00142
10Steph Isaac00:29:3800:25:38141
11Alex Antonopoulos00:29:3900:23:39140
12Yvonne Huebner00:29:4000:26:10139
13Craig Davison00:29:4100:21:11138
14Hannah Kirkham00:29:4300:23:13137
15Guy Rintoul00:29:4500:22:45136
16Mandy Tunmore00:29:4700:28:17135
17Margaret Finn00:29:4900:26:49134
18Nicola (Birthday Girl!) Brady00:29:5400:22:24133
19Luke McCormack00:29:5600:19:26132
20David Appleby00:29:5700:18:57131
21Justin Januszewski00:29:5900:17:59130
22Giorgio Fazio00:30:0200:21:02129
23Anna Fawcett00:30:0500:25:05128
24Rosanne Mcternan00:30:0800:24:08127
25Charles Casey00:30:1000:18:10126
26Laura Farthing00:30:1200:23:12125
27Rachel Adamson00:30:1500:21:15124
28Katie Markham00:30:1600:24:16123
29Kerry Reed00:30:1700:23:17122
30Louise Lennox00:30:1800:20:48121
31Bam Bam00:30:2400:21:54120
32Adrian Hall00:30:2400:19:54119
33Jessica Anderson00:30:2500:28:25118
34Will Johnson00:30:2500:18:25117
35Wongani Mwanza00:30:2500:22:25116
36Heather Robinson00:30:2500:21:25115Jarrow & Hebburn
37Geoff Robinson00:30:2700:21:27114Jarrow & Hebburn
38Gill Parkin00:30:2800:23:28113
39Ian Jackman00:30:3000:19:30112
40Rachel Clewlow00:30:3100:21:31111
41Stuart Dickson00:30:3200:21:32110
42Iain Dalby00:30:3300:21:03109
43Lucy Turzynski00:30:3400:20:34108
44Sparrow Morley00:30:3400:16:34107
45Vicki Thompson00:30:3500:23:35106Jarrow & Hebburn
46Imogen Barr00:30:3700:25:37105
47Anthony Bagley00:30:4000:16:40104
48Rachael Estrop00:30:4500:22:45103
49Jon Moss00:30:5000:17:50102
50Andrea Hayden00:30:5500:30:55101
51Charley Blackburn00:31:0100:26:01100
52Chris Cooley00:31:0500:23:0599
53Craig McDougall00:31:1000:24:4098
54Kathryn Stevenson00:31:1600:21:1697
55Jonathan Longrigg00:31:3300:19:3396
56Lee Allen00:34:0500:21:0595

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    • RobW on 4th February 2016 at 20:39
    • Reply

    Tags: gremlins, hahaaaa! :-D

    • David Anderson on 5th February 2016 at 09:20
    • Reply

    I be the Gremlin. Sorry :)

      • David Daniels on 5th February 2016 at 09:41
      • Reply

      No need to be sorry David. At least you volunteered and gave it a go, otherwise, without members helping out, they’d be no race at all.

    • Ian Jackman on 5th February 2016 at 18:08
    • Reply

    Well said David and very true. Thanks again for everyone’s efforts.

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