Results round-up: December 2016

A round-up of recent results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers. [updated 27 December 2015]


Clevedon 4M: Boxing Day 2015

22:59 Paul O’Mara

43:56 Elaine O’Mara

Elaine & Paul

Elaine & Paul

Full results can be found here.



Saltwell 10K: Saturday 19 December 2015

34:46Kurt Heron4th
35:00James Dunce5th
35:21Finn Affleck-Brodie8th
36:21Lee Cuthbertson
37:04Douglas Tickner
37:53Christopher Huitson
37:56Alasdair Blain
38:07David Moir
39:49Luke Bryant
40:19David Antill
42:13Richard Tailford
43:58Kathryn Stevenson
44:14Sophie Marr
44:49Lucy Turzynski
45:42Catherine Eaton
46:41Rachel Clewlow
47:32Laura Irving
48:09David Curran
49:57Mairi Clancy
50:07Karen Walker
50:50Christopher Parkin
50:51Gill Parkin
50:51Rebecca Parkin
51:52Alex Antonopoulos
52:16Helen Richardson
55:58Dawn Parker
56:35Charly Blackburn
62:12Jessica Anderson1st VW60
62:12Sandy Anderson
63:15Michael Wisely
63:27Kirsten Loy
67:22Alison Harris
Gp.1 runners during the race

Gp.1 runners during the race

Some of the TBH runners

Post race photograph

Full results can be found here.



Lanzarote 10K: Saturday 12 December 2015

37:04 Stephen Barker (9th overall :thumbsup: )

Full results can be found here.



North Eastern Cross Country Championships (Sedgefield): Saturday 12 December 2015

Well done to everyone that ran and special congratulations to the Senior Men’s team who finished 3rd behind Morpeth and Gateshead, with Marc Fenwick, Terry Scott, Finn Brodie, James Dunce, Lee Cuthbertson and Alex Polding making up the team.

The Senior Women’s team finished a creditable 9th place.

Full results can be found here.




Blyth Sands Race: Sunday 6 December 2015

32:46 Kurt Heron (2nd place overall :thumbsup: )

38:22 Nick Howell

38:24 John Hurse

39:06 Nick Pearson

39:42 Micky Baker

43:10 Laura Irving

44:50 Joel Tepace

45:34 Dawn Parker

Some of the TBH runners

Some of the TBH runners

Full results can be found here.



Hexham Racecourse 50K: Sunday 6 December 2015

4:28:21 Izzy Cairns (1st Lady and 2nd place overall :thumbsup: )

Full results can be found here.



Please get in touch if you’ve raced recently and would like your result published.

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    • Si on 14th December 2015 at 18:17
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    Some great results- well done all! Good work Izzy on an awesome come back and for our lads to secure 3rd place at a regional championship is bloody awesome!! BOOM!

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