Tyne Bridge Harriers: Coaches and Leaders

With membership recently exceeding 400 members, it’s vitally important that the club has enough qualified coaches and leaders to cope with the large number of runners who attend training sessions.


Can you imagine the scene if 100 runners were left to their own devices during a run.

Half would want to go this way, the other half that way.

Some would want to run flat-out over a short distance, others steadily for several miles.

Quite simply, it would be carnage.


Fortunately, Tyne Bridge Harriers now has close to 50 qualified members to lead a training session, allowing the five regular training groups to be split into smaller, more manageable sub-groups, containing runners of a similar ability and pursuing the same targets.

Without these leaders the club just wouldn’t function as smoothly as it presently does and sincere thanks must go the selfless folk who help out the club throughout the year.


A diagram of the club coaching structure can be viewed here, which lists all the qualified members within the club.



Congratulations to Cees van der Land, Louise Kelly and Paul Waller for becoming the latest members to qualify as a Run Leader In Fitness [5th December 2015] :thumbsup:

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