Results round-up: 15 November 2015

A round-up of results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


British and Irish Masters International XC (Dublin): Saturday, 14 November 2015

Men’s Race (M35)

28:05 Terry Scott (29th place)

29:16 Kenny Mac (64th place)

Women’s Race (W35)

23:30 Alison Dargie (22nd place)

Huge congratulations to the members selected to represent their country.

Results can be found here.



Brampton to Carlisle 10M: Sunday, 15 November 2015

56:51 Alex Polding PB :yahoo:

58:21 Dominic Munnelly PB :yahoo:

1:00:52 Alasdair Blain PB :yahoo:

1:02:02 David Daniels SB :good:

1:03:59 David Colpitts PB :yahoo:

1:04:55 Michael McGrath

1:06:30 Andy Harrison SB :good:

1:06:32 John Hurse SB :good:

1:06:44 Nick Pearson PB :yahoo:

1:08:25 Philip Scott PB :yahoo:

1:09:51 Thomas Vardy PB :yahoo:

1:12:00 Adam Wood SB :good:

1:13:08 Chris Bartlett PB :good:

1:13:54 Colin Dilks SB :good:

1:14:25 Kathryn Stevenson PB :yahoo:

1:15:45 Rachel Adamson PB :yahoo:

1:15:53 Paul Feeley SB :good:

1:16:03 Rebecca Parkin SB :good:

1:16:58 Adam Jones SB :good:

1:17:06 Craig Davison PB :yahoo:

1:17:43 Shaun Cowan PB :yahoo:

1:17:51 Kerry Reed SB :good:

1:19:05 Asari Rashid SB :good:

1:19:24 Ian Walton PB :yahoo:

1:20:06 Nicola Brady PB :yahoo:

1:21:46 Rachael Estop PB :yahoo:

1:21:57 Felicity Watson SB :good:

1:22:00 Laura Dickson PB :yahoo:

1:24:56 Stephen Hall SB :good:

1:26:19 Gillian Parkin PB :yahoo:

1:27:16 Derek Vardy PB :yahoo:

1:28:48 Sarah Danielles PB :yahoo:

1:30:24 Craig MacDougal

1:30:40 Emma Giles

1:31:32 David Frost PB :yahoo:

1:31:49 Imogen Barr PB :yahoo:

1:31:56 Kevin Cheetham SB :good:

1:34:05 Anne Grenfell

1:34:18 Emma Frost PB :yahoo:

1:34:20 Tracey Cockburn SB :good:

1:43:16 Amanda Tunmore PB :yahoo:

Teams: Senior Men 6th; Veteran Men 3rd; Senior Ladies 5th; Veteran Ladies 8th

Results can be found here.



Las Vegas Half Marathon: Sunday, 15th November 2015

1:50:32 Danny Fletcher PB :yahoo:





Paras 10 (Colchester): Sunday, 15th November 2015

2:40:47 Kirk Connor






Leeds Abbey Dash: Sunday, 15th November 2015

32:24 James Dunce PB :yahoo:

35:49 Tim Kelso PB :yahoo:

35:49 Jon Moss

36:06 David Wright

36:34 Keith Smith

36:40 Christopher Huitson PB :yahoo:

37:02 Douglas Tickner SB :good:

37:28 Alastair Spanner

41:43 Chris Chase

43:42 Natalie Bennett PB :yahoo:

45:32 Graeme Mitchinson

45:33 David Curran

45:51 Daniel Greenhough

47:38 Tyrone Murphy

47:50 Claire McElduff

49:33 Katie Jackson

49:41 Neil Banks

58:26 Chris Cooley

Full results can be found here.


Please get in touch (click here) if you raced over the weekend or ran a PB.



(Featured image: Sarah Danielles in the Brampton/Carlisle 10M)

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