Results round-up: 5th July 2015

A round-up of races featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers. [updated 6 July 2015]


Tynedale 10K: Wednesday 1st July 2015

33.28 Tom Charlton PB (Personal Best) :good:

33:58 Terry Scott 1st MV40 :good:

34:22 Kurt Heron

36:07 Tim Kelso

36:14 Andy Smyth

36:51 David Moir

36:52 Keith Smith

37:28 Paul O’Mara

38:02 Matt Davison SB (Season Best) :good:

38:41 Chris Meek SB :good:

40:00 Paul Hilton

40:29 Louise Rodgers 2nd Lady :good:

41:25 Chris Chase PB :good:

41:26 Nick Varley

42:08 Nick Pearson

42:15 Sophie Marr

42:33 Paul Waller

42:58 Richard Tailford

43:07 Jonathan Longrigg

45:58 Micky Baker SB :good:

46:16 Graham King

46:26 Steven Bond

46:28 David Curran

46:46 Ailsa Caine

47:02 Chris Sumsion SB :good:

47:18 Natalie Bennett

47:33 Claire McElduff

47:45 Robert Curry

48:12 Charlotte Carpenter

48:26 Chris Cooley

48:31 Kerry Reed

49:31 Rebecca Parkin SB :good:

50:44 Joanne Wood

50:49 Stuart Dickson

51:09 Chris Parkin

51:53 Alexandra Battersby SB :good:

51:56 Gill Parkin

52:08 Annette Kelly

52:39 Katie JAckson PB :good:

53:03 Jacqueline Etherington SB :good:

53:48 Helen Hargrave PB :good:

58:13 Alison Bulman

61:40 Jenny Headland

Full results can be found here.



Gateshead 3,000 metres: Wednesday 1st July 2015

9.06.6 Finn Brodie

9.31.4 David Johnson

9.49.6 Chris Graham

Full results can be found here.



Chevy Chase (20 Mile Multi-Terrain): Saturday 4th July 2015

3:56:06 John Tollitt (NFR) 21st overall :good:

6:08:50 Joanne Wood

Full results can be found here.



Hamsterley Forest 11.3M MT Race: Saturday 4th July 2015

82.47 Louise Rodgers 2nd Lady :good:

Full results can be found here.



Great North 10K: Sunday 5th July 2015

33:58 Tom Charlton

37:23 Paul O’Mara

37:31 David Daniels SB :good:

37:56 Keith Smith 1st MV50 :good:

40:49 David Antill

43:19 Will Johnson

44:17 Graeme Mitchinson

47:03 Adrian Brooks

43:50 Steve Pattison

48:19 Karen Walker Course PB :good:

44:59 Nicholas Vennart

49:15 Andrew Crawford

50:26 Sophie Marr

50:42 Kathryn Stevenson

52:34 David Curran

52:26 Shaun Cowan

51:10 Michael Nemeth SB :good:

52:23 Kevin Cheetham

52:51 Ben Riley

53:22 Mary Pattison

58:55 Faye Slade

59:15 Emma Brooks

62:16 Alison Harris

63:13 Michael Wisely

70:30 Imran Mohammed

72:04 Louise Kelly

73:59 Elaine O’Mara

73:59 Deborah Airey

Elaine and Debs having a blast along the quayside...

Elaine and Debs having a blast along the quayside…

thanks to all the TBH members offering support

thanks to the terrific support from TBH members

Huge thanks to everyone who supported the TBH runners during the race. From start to finish, the cries of ‘go on Tyne Bridge’ could be heard, and it adds a spring to your step knowing you have the backing of your team-mates :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here.



Brentwood & Essex Championship 10K: Sunday 5th July 2015

34:00 David Johnson PB :good:

45:55 Natalie Bennett

Full results can be found here.



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You can also get in touch if you ran a PB or SB in one of the above races and would like it high-lighted.

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