2015 Blaydon Races

Tyne Bridge Harriers in full flow

Hands up if you’re having fun!!

Glorious sunny conditions made for a fantastic evening of running, and TBH ensured they were front and centre of proceedings with 167 members finishing the legendary north-east race.

All aspects of the club were represented, with runners from all five training groups (and some from the beginners class) taking part in the race.

But it wasn’t just the runners that contributed towards a special event, as from Newcastle to Blaydon, countless members could be spotted on the side-lines cheering on their team-mates.

Well done to everyone who took part in the race and many thanks to all the members who went along in support of the club.




TBH: They’re a shy and retiring group.


Alex and Cat perform their version of the Haka


Beware the photo-bomber BOOM!!

there's always time for a selfie

Always time for a selfie


Members results.

Chip timeName
46:35:00Adam Jones
36:14:00Adam Wood
43:16:00Adrian Brooks
36:17:00Adrian Hall
43:09:00Aimee Cook
40:32:00Alan Alexander
36:30:00Alasdair Blain
37:57:00Alex Lockwood
60:20:00Alexander Anderson
45:51:00Alexandra Battersby
50:37:00Alison Bulman
33:28:00Alison Dargie
54:54:00Alison Habebi
57:43:00Alison Harris
44:16:00Amy Whitelaw
56:50:00Andrea Hayden
41:26:00Andrew Keogan
34:49:00Andrew Webber
32:56:00Andy Smythe
46:48:00Angela Mcbrien
45:58:00Annette Kelly
36:29:00Arnaud Albertini
45:53:00Asari Abdul Rashid
45:52:00Catherine Eaton
43:13:00Cees Van Der Land
42:35:00Charlotte Carpenter
37:12:00Chris Chase
43:24:00Chris Cooley
33:33:00Chris Huitson
53:55:00Chris Mitsides
43:26:00Chris Parkin
40:57:00Chris Sumsion
40:57:00Christopher Bartlett
41:37:00Claire Mcelduff
56:53:00Clare Barrett
44:29:00Colin Whittle
39:14:00Conrad Scott
47:23:00Craig Macdougall
43:15:00Danny Fletcher
47:23:00Dave Anderson
36:18:00David Antill
34:11:00David Appleby
49:36:00David Charlton
34:54:00David Colpitts
37:01:00David Daniels
35:47:00David Dickson
31:27:00David Johnson
32:48:00David Moir
31:48:00David Wright
38:17:00David Young
53:57:00Deborah Airey
37:17:00Edwin Wong
43:55:00Ellie Charles
47:44:00Emily Mavin
52:12:00Emma Brooks
43:02:00Euan Clubbs
51:02:00Evie Maholam
50:43:00Faye Slade
45:28:00Gillian Parkin
39:36:00Graeme Mitchinson
42:05:00Guy Rintoul
34:29:00Harrison Andy
39:25:00Heather Dorman
41:06:00Helen Joyner
50:19:00Henrik Aicher
37:29:00Hugh Potter
39:18:00Iain Dalby
32:16:00Ian Pickett
42:40:00Ian Walton
38:09:00Izzy Knox
37:54:00Jacqueline Etherington
29:45:00James Dunce
37:16:00James Knox
36:48:00James Robson
51:01:00Jane Shearer
55:06:00Janet Pollington
44:56:00Jayne Russell
56:04:00Jenny Headland
38:31:00Jenny Logue
60:17:00Jessica Anderson
42:37:00Joanne Wood
33:01:00John Hurse
35:46:00John Tollitt
32:43:00Jon Moss
60:23:00Jonathan Blake
34:46:00Jonathan Longrigg
41:24:00Jonathan Pearson
49:37:00Julie Dougal
43:05:00Karen Richardson
58:37:00Kate Frame
45:07:00Kathryn Stevenson
45:55:00Katie Jackson
44:29:00Katrina Matheson
59:35:00Kelly Phillipson
42:32:00Kerry Neill
41:49:00Kerry Reed
46:07:00Kevin Cheetham
46:29:00Laura Dickson
39:40:00Laura Irving
47:18:00Laura Pentland
48:27:00Lauren Gardner
37:44:00Lee Allen
45:52:00Lindsay Walsh
54:23:00Lisa Mcconnell
39:29:00Louise Lennox
35:07:00Louise Rodgers
39:37:00Lucy Matheson
39:37:00Lucy Turzynski
32:54:00Luke Bryant
53:41:00Lynda Rochester
41:33:00Lysanne Jurriansen
34:44:00Magda Grinsdale
59:19:00Maggie Davison
38:16:00Malcolm Gibson
52:44:00Margaret Eccles
51:08:00Margaret Hagood
34:19:00Matt Davison
39:35:00Matthew Walker
32:16:00Matty Tomlinson
48:30:00Megan Parkin
49:07:00Michelle Bannan
50:19:00Morag Kerry
40:47:00Natalie Bennett
37:44:00Neal Richardson
46:00:00Neil Banks
36:21:00Nick Hall
37:19:00Nick Pearson
36:59:00Nick Varley
43:02:00Nicola Brady
77:18:00Paul Brown
31:53:00Paul Turnbull
35:54:00Paul Waller
36:02:00Philip Scott
47:44:00Phillippa Clubbs
31:25:00Polding Alex
44:10:00Rachael Estrop
38:54:00Rachel Adamson
49:10:00Rachel Griffiths
41:35:00Richard Macdonald
37:32:00Richard Tailford
34:05:00Rob Wishart
50:45:00Roger Heath
38:32:00Rowe David Craig
47:31:00Sara James
44:01:00Sara Tomassini
49:36:00Sarah Danielles
49:05:00Sarah Mcmahon
42:32:00Shaun Cowan
49:53:00Sian Salter
34:57:00Simon Pryde
39:18:00Sophie Marr
54:30:00Stephanie Mcfarlane
32:22:00Stephen Barker
43:07:00Stephen Drummond
45:10:00Stephen Hall
41:37:00Stephen Hargreaves
30:51:00Steve Cairns
41:39:00Steven Compton
41:20:00Steven Shotton
41:42:00Stuart Dickson
29:58:00Terry Scott
29:19:00Tom Charlton
36:40:00Tom Colquitt
62:58:00Vicki Deritis
38:38:00Will Johnson
42:11:00Yvonne Storey
46:08:00Zsofia Nemeth


Full results can be found here.

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