2015 TBH Shield: Points Table

As we approach the half-way point of the 2015 TBH Shield (a member’s only competition running throughout the year), Stevie Barker currently tops the table with 650 points.


Stevie has competed in eight of the permissible 20 events in the competition, but with only the six best scores counting towards a competitors final total, there’s still an opportunity for someone further down the table to mount a challenge for the title.



NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Overall Total
Stevie Barker8511508511510595115105650
David Daniels900010012000130110550
Paul Feeley900001309080100490
Tom Charlton120013095000130475
David Dickson50110070130010000460
Alan Alexander000012595011595430
Paul O'Mara0013065115001150425
Nick Hall650000095135115410
David Moir13000120000120370
Adrian Hall00065135001350335
Iain Dalby00000105012595325
James Knox0006513500115315
Charlotte Carpenter0000130100800310
Jon Moss8000000100120300
Nick Pearson650000095115275
Annette Kelly0007009001100270
Matt Davison800080000110270
Ian Jackman5000001100110270
Stuart Dickson750055115000245
Nicola Brady000110130000240
Adam Wood000001100130240
Richard MacDonald00001259500220
Paul Waller000001151050220
Emma Moir11000900000200
Edwin Wong50000000100150
Stephanie McFarlane0006580000145
Phil Scott0000135000135
Russell Deane00000001200120
John Tollitt0001050000105
Chris Chase0000010500105
Alasdair Blain80000000080
Roger Heath00000080080
Si Kristiansen00070000070



2015 TBH Shield races

Race 1 – Royal Signal Relays

Race 2 – Thirsk 10M

Race 3 – Northumberland Half Marathon

Race 4 – Good Friday Relays

Race 5 – North Tyneside 10K

Race 6 – Blyth 10K

Race 7 – Wallsend 5K

Race 8 – Pier To Pier MT

Race 9 – Clive Cookson 10K


The next event will be the Middlesbrough 5K (Sunday, 31st May).

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