Results round-up: 20th May 2015

A round-up of recent races featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


Self Transcendence 1 Mile Race (Edinburgh): Wednesday 20th May 2015

6:01 Steve Pattison (52nd position & SB)

Full results can be found here.


Well done to everyone who took part in the Clive Cookson 10K (Wednesday, 20th May 2015).

The event, used as Tyne Bridge Harriers’ 2015 Club Championship race, saw 60 TBH members finish the race, with some terrific times being posted, including 27 PB’s and nine SB’s (according to RunBritain).

Pick of the crop was James Dunce, who’s 2nd place finish – in a PB of 32:30 – also saw James being awarded the title of Tyne Bridge Harriers Club Champion 2015 :thumbsup:

Other notable performances included;

Kurt Heron – 3rd overall

Terry Scott – 1st MV40

Dave Moir – 1st MV45

Keith Smith – 1st MV50

1st Mens Team: James, Kurt, Terry & Tom Charlton (7th overall)

1st Ladies Team: Alison Dargie, Magda Grinsdale, Sophie Marr & Rachel Adamson

Congratulations to race winner Ryan Stephenson (Morpeth Harriers) and thanks to everyone from North Shields Poly for putting on a terrific event.


James Dunce32:30PB
Kurt Heron32:43
Terry Scott33:36PB
Tom Charlton34:04
Keith Smith34:31SB
Alex Polding34:39PB
Paul Turnbull34:41PB
David Wright35:05PB
Tim Kelso35:54PB
Stephen Barker35:54PB
David Moir36:08
Alastair Spanner36:25PB
Jon Moss36:26PB
Luke Bryant36:31PB
Douglas Tickner37:16
Matt Davidson37:28
Ian Jackman37:41PB
Alison Dargie37:50
David Appleby38:19
Magda Grinsdale38:24PB
David Colpitts38:39PB
Jonathan Longrigg38:54PB
Edwin Wong39:14
Nicholas Hall39:42PB
Adam Wood39:56PB
Arnaud Albertini40:34PB
Nick Pearson40:36PB
James Knox40:52
David Young41:01SB
Sophie Marr41:27
Richard Tailford41:28SB
Steven Shotton42:30SB
Iain Dalby42:47PB
Rachel Adamson43:15PB
Graham King43:46
David Curran44:07SB
Alan Alexander44:35
Helen Joyner45:06
Aimee Cook45:28
Paul Feeley45:52
Karen Walker46:46PB
Tyrone Murphy47:00
Sarah Chadwick47:07PB
Kerry Smith49:04
Chris Parkin51:23
Gill Parkin51:25PB
Kevin Cheetham51:33
Joanne Taylor52:09
Imogen Barr53:23PB
Robert Clark53:18SB
David Frost53:33
Emma Frost53:44PB
Lauren Gardner53:45
Sarah Lindsay Danielles53:47PB
Tracey Cockburn53:50
Ruth Lee53:57
Rachel Griffiths54:16SB
Sarah Devin54:37
Clare Savory56:00
Charly Blackburn58:42SB
Lisa McConnell59:02PB


Full results can be found here.



Please get in touch here if your name is missing from the results or you competed in a different race.

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