Results round-up: 17th May 2015

A round-up of results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


Locke Park Pie & Peas 5M: Wednesday 13th May 2015

29:20 Alastair Spanner

Full results can be found here.



Meadows Self Transcendence 2M: Wednesday 13th May 2015

13:02 Steve Pattison (42nd)



British Masters Road Relays Championships (Sutton Park, Birmingham): Saturday 16th May 2015

Women 35-44 (4th)

17.41 Alison Dargie

19.31 Jacqueline Etherington

20.27 Louise Lennox

18.37 Louise Rodgers


(l-r) Louise L, Louise R, Jacqueline & Alison

Men 35-44 (20th)

16.53 Cees Van Der Land

16.30 Paul Turnbull

17.03 David Wright

17.41 David Daniels

18.27 Paul Hilton

17.26 John Hurse

Men 45-54 (5th)

16.12 Keith Smith

16.53 Matt Tomlinson

17.16 David Moir

16.26 Kenny Mac

Ladies results can be found here and the Men’s M35 & M45 results can be found here.



Brathay Marathon: Sunday 17th May 2015

4:14 Aimee Cook

4:28 Adrian Brooks

Full results can be found here.



Trail 26 Howgill Marathon: Sunday 17th May 2015

4:24 Simon Pryde

Simon in action.

Simon in action.

Full results can be found here.



Pier to Pier: Sunday 17th May 2015

41:18 Stephen Barker (8th)

41:34 Tim Kelso

42:24 Paul O’Mara

42:36 DD

47:04 Nick Hall

47:20 Adrian Hall

51:03 Iain Dalby

52:00 Micky Baker

52:20 Steve Shotton

52:36 Alan Alexander

54:32 Kerry Neill

54:39 Yvonne Storey

56:39 Annette Kelly

60:04 Rachael Estrop

62:04 Alexander Anderson

62:11 Emma Frost

62:42 Sarah Danielles

63:17 Robert Clark

65:00 David Frost

68:50 Jane Shearer

69:23 Clare Savory

69:23 Alison Bulman

75:17 Scott Wilkinson

77:33 Vicki Deritis

79:12 Elaine O’Mara

(l-r)Adrian, Annette, Yvonne and Susan

(l-r)Adrian, Annette, Yvonne and Kerry

Full results can be found here.



Raby Castle 10K: Sunday 17th May 2015

38:46 Alan Hodgson (17th overall & NE Masters Gold Medal)

Alan in action

Alan in action

Full results can be found here.



If you took part in a race over the weekend and would like a mention please get in touch here.

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