TBH – 2015 Golden Mile – Start Lists

Here are the preliminary start lists for The Tyne Bridge Harriers Golden Mile 2015 which takes place on Saturday 9th May.

Race start times in brackets are approximate.

Seeding is subject to change & is dependent upon who turns up to race on the day. Announcements will be made to confirm before the event.

Numbers are to be collected on the day and it is £3 to enter.

Please see this post for full event information & entry details
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[tab title=”Race 1 (10:20)”]

102Rachael EstropTBH7.30
103Andrea ClarkePB fitness6.40
104Emma MoirTBH7.30
105Beate MullerTBH6.40
106Craig MacDougallTBH7.30
[tab title=”Race 2 (10:30)”]
92Claire CalverleyBlyth6.15
93Charlotte carpenterTBH6.30
94Ian DalbyTBH6.15
95Heather DormanTBH6.30
96Rajan NairTBH6.15
98Barry YoungTBH6.00
99Paul WallerTBH5.50
100Adrian HallTBH6.00
101John JamesHeaton6.00
[tab title=”Race 3 (10:40)”]
77Stephen FrenchBlyth5.37
78Mal GibsonTBH5.40
79Keith RooneyTBH5.30
80Sophie MarrTBH5.45
81Simon GardnerTBH5.30
82Nick VarleyTBH5.35
83Rory GrahamHoughton5.30
84Edwin WongTBH5.31
85Nick PearsonTBH5.40
86Jonathan LongriggTBH5.40
87Phil McCluskeySunderland5.45
88Joseph DavisonMorpeth5.30
89Isobel RobinsonNSP5.40
90Sophie RobinsonTynedale5.40
[tab title=”Race 4 (10:50)”]
66Leodhais MacphersonTBH5.15
67Charlie TownsendTBH5.20
68Jon FrenchBlyth5.10
69Dave ApplebyTBH5.15
70Simon PrydeTBH
71Lucy RobinsonNorth Shields Poly5.15
72Mark PrendergastNorth Shields Poly5.15
73David StainthorpeNorth Shields Poly5.10
74James KnoxTBH5.20
75Stephanie MacLean DannNSP5.20
76Jack FordGateshead5.10
[tab title=”Race 5 (11:00)”]
54Doug TicknerTBH4.50
55Jamie DuguidMorpeth4.50
56Mark BanksHeaton4.50
Luke BryantTBH5.05
58Jon MossTBH4.59
59David ColpittsTBH5.00
60David MoirTBH5.00
61Stephen BarkerTBH5.00
65Paul TurnbullTBH4.50
64Chris HuitsonTBH5.00
Paul WestNSP4.50
[tab title=”Race 6 (11:10)”]
46Ross FloydMorpeth4.25
47Sparrow MorleySunderland4.30
48Kurt HerronTBH4.25
49Tom CharltonTBH4.45
Max PearsonTynedale4.30
50James DunceTBH4.40
51James OldfieldSedgefield Harriers4.48
52Finn Brodie?4.45
62David JohnsonTBH4.40
63Alex PoldingTBH4.40
53Ross ButcherNSP4.45

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    • Sparrow on 5th May 2015 at 22:00
    • Reply

    Hi, I replied to Chris Graham of ‘4:30’, not 4:20 as a predicted time.

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