2015 Summer Grand Prix: Race 1 Results

A new venue greeted the 2015 Summer Grand Prix Series, with the club upping sticks from it’s regular route around Jesmond Dene and moving onto Newcastle Town Moor. And the running gods were truly shining on the members as the moor was swathed in glorious sunshine and there was hardly a breath of wind in the air.


The first race of the series saw over 70 runners set off together, with James Dunce, Kurt Heron and Tom Charlton setting the early pace around the 2.25 mile course. And after completion of the two lap course (one large and one small), Kurt was first across the line, narrowly beating James into 2nd place and Tom into 3rd.


First lady finisher was Yam Thiru, closely followed by Rachel Adamson and Rachel Case.


As with any event, the organisors, marshals, volunteers etc. play just a major role as the competitors, never more so when an moves to a different venue, so huge thanks to everyone who helped out during the race :thumbsup:


As mentioned previously, members are being asked to volunteer at least once during a Grand Prix series in order to compete in the following series of races, and it was terrific to see several members coming forward, not only volunteering their services but also taking more responsibility in the organisation of the event. Start of a trend perhaps? ;-)


If any member would like to volunteer for a future event, they can contact Volunteer Co-Ordinator Cat Eaton here.


The next race is scheduled for Tuesday, 5th May 2015.


[can runners please keep their assigned race number for the remainder of the series as replacement numbers will be chargable]


Race 1 Results.

NameRace Time
Kurt Heron00:11:21
James Dunce00:11:22
Tom Charlton00:11:28
Charles Hazlerigg00:12:08
Chris Meek00:12:09
Stevie Barker00:12:34
Luke Bryant00:12:37
Paul O'Mara00:12:39
Chris Huitson00:12:39
David Dickson00:12:55
David Appleby00:12:59
David Colpitts00:13:01
Matt Davison00:13:06
Jonathan Longrigg00:13:07
John Tollitt00:13:12
Russell Deane00:13:24
Alex Black00:13:35
Arnaud Albertini00:13:38
Will Johnson00:13:39
Alex Lockwood00:13:48
John Pickering00:14:11
Lee Allen00:14:21
Mal Gibson00:14:28
Iain Dalby00:14:31
James Knox00:14:46
Yam Thiru00:14:47
David Young00:14:53
Stuart Dickson00:14:56
Santiago Martinez00:15:03
Rachel Adamson00:15:08
Colin Dilks00:15:19
Rachel Case00:15:21
Joel Tepace00:15:23
Steve Compton00:15:29
Asari Rashid00:15:30
David Rowe00:15:36
Lysanne Jurriansen00:15:38
Alan MacCauley00:15:40
Ella Foreman00:15:41
Hannah Kirkham00:15:43
Rachel Clelow00:15:50
Kerry Neill00:15:51
Yvonne Storey00:15:51
Vicki Thompson00:16:20
Paul Routledge00:16:33
Annette Kelly00:16:40
Chris Sumsion00:16:56
Rachel Estrop00:16:57
Laura Carrick00:17:03
Gill Parkin00:17:09
Gareth Mothersdale00:17:19
Craig MacDougall00:17:25
Lauren Gardner00:17:35
Imogen Barr00:17:36
Gemma Cowan00:18:02
Anne Grenfell00:18:13
Craig Davison00:18:17
Helen Hargrave00:18:19
Sarah McMahon00:18:38
Sandy Anderson00:18:54
Rachel Griffiths00:18:56
Stephanie McFarlane00:18:58
Scott Wilkinson00:19:02
Faye Slade00:19:06
Louise Easton00:19:07
Linda Rochester00:19:11
Emily Mavin00:19:27
Andy Eaton00:19:31
Alison Habebi00:19:33
Mandy tunmore00:19:46
Charley Blackburn00:20:07
Rhian Davey00:21:14
Lisa McConnell00:21:33
Parul Akter00:22:20
Paul Brown00:25:40


Points table after Race 1.

NameRace 1Total
Kurt Heron100100
James Dunce100100
Tom Charlton100100
Charles Hazlerigg100100
Chris Meek100100
Stevie Barker100100
Luke Bryant100100
Paul O'Mara100100
Chris Huitson100100
David Dickson100100
David Appleby100100
David Colpitts100100
Matt Davison100100
Jonathan Longrigg100100
John Tollitt100100
Russell Deane100100
Alex Black100100
Arnaud Albertini100100
Will Johnson100100
Alex Lockwood100100
John Pickering100100
Mal Gibson100100
Iain Dalby100100
James Knox100100
Yam Thiru100100
David Young100100
Stuart Dickson100100
Santiago Martinez100100
Rachel Adamson100100
Colin Dilks100100
Rachel Case100100
Joel Tepace100100
Steve Compton100100
Asari Rashid100100
David Rowe100100
Lysanne Jurriansen100100
Alan MacCauley100100
Ella Foreman100100
Hannah Kirkham100100
Rachel Clelow100100
Kerry Neill100100
Yvonne Storey100100
Vicki Thompson100100
Paul Routledge100100
Annette Kelly100100
Chris Sumsion100100
Rachel Estrop100100
Laura Carrick100100
Gill Parkin100100
Gareth Mothersdale100100
Craig MacDougall100100
Lauren Gardner100100
Imogen Barr100100
Gemma Cowan100100
Anne Grenfell100100
Craig Davison100100
Helen Hargrave100100
Sarah McMahon100100
Sandy Anderson100100
Rachel Griffiths100100
Stephanie McFarlane100100
Scott Wilkinson100100
Faye Slade100100
Louise Easton100100
Linda Rochester100100
Emily Mavin100100
Andy Eaton100100
Alison Habebi100100
Mandy tunmore100100
Charley Blackburn100100
Rhian Davey100100
Lisa McConnell100100
Parul Akter100100
Paul Brown100100
Vicki Deritis*100100
David Daniels*100100
Paul Hilton*100100
Alasdair Blain*100100
Louise Kelly*100100
Morag Kerry*100100
Keith Rooney*100100
Shaun Cowan*100100
Adrian Hall*100100
Neil Banks*100100
Rob Kirtley*100100
Lucy Matheson*100100
John Goldsbrough*100100
Jessica Anderson*100100
Evelyn Maholam*100100
Cees van der Land*100100
Phil Scott*100100
Henrik Aicher*100100
Amy Whitelaw*100100
Adam Jones*100100
Paul Waller*100100
Catherine Eaton*100100
Tyrone Murphy*100100
Davy Anderson*100100
Ron Murray*100100
Micky Baker*100100
Sheetal Sharma*100100
Kevin Cheetham*100100
Sinead Coffey*100100


* denotes volunteer



Points scoring.

Every finisher in Race 1 receives 100 points. From Race 2 onwards, 1st finisher receives 150 pts, 2nd finisher 149 pts, 3rd 148 pts and so on.

Volunteers are awarded 100 points at every event.



(note: members must volunteer at least once during the 2015 Summer Series to compete in the 2015/16 Winter Series.

Members who did not volunteer during the 2014/15 Winter Series will not be processed until they volunteer in the current series).

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