2014/15 TBH XCGP: Tables

Following the recent fixture at Bedewell Park (Jarrow), the updated tables for this year’s Cross Country Grand Prix competition can be viewed below.

With just two races remaining of the season, and bonus points rewarded to members who finish all eight events, everything is still to play for.


The next Harrier League fixture is at Alnwick on Saturday, 28th February 2015. Further details to follow soon.



NameCramlingtonSouth ShieldsAykley HeadsWallingtonNEXCCBedewell ParkTotal
Alison Dargie150150150100170720
Louise Rodgers9010090110100110600
Lisa Walker80100808010080520
Laura Irving14010095100120555
Sophie Marr150160100410
Joanne Lee150100150400
Emma Moir95100958575450
Sara James115100125340
Evelyn Maholam115100125340
Heather Dorman14090100100430
Sarah Lindsay Danielles100100110310
Jessica Anderson10595105305
Caroline Meaney100100100300
Rebecca Parkin1209080290
Charlotte Carpenter90100100120410
Katie Roberts1008080260
Kym Eden1007575250
Catherine Powell105115220
Sophie Garrad12095215
Deborah Airey110100210
Louise Anne Kelly100110210
Claire Mcelduff105105210
Morag Kerry100110210
Cath Eaton105100205
Lucy Matheson10095195
Charlotte Blackburn10090190
Natalie Bennett9595190
Faye Slade1009090280
Jenny Logue170170
Michelle Hall120120
Lindsay Walsh100100
Amy Whitelaw100100
Alison Bulman100100200
Stephanie Mcfarlane100100
Izzy Knox9595
Joanne Wood9090
Imogen Barr8585
Rachel Griffiths8585
Kerry Reed8585
Katrina Matheson8080
Karen Richardson8080
Sophie Wardrobe8080
Sarah Mcmahon7585160
Rachael Estrop8585
Sinead Coffey8585
Margaret Hagood100100
Laura Carrick8585



NameCramlingtonSouth ShieldsAykley HeadsWallingtonNEXCCBedewell ParkTotal
Matt Walker115100120125100120680
John Goldsbrough105100100105100105615
Malcolm Gibson951009595100115600
John Hurse801009595100105575
Matt Davison110100130115115570
Keith Rooney901008010010090560
Richard Macdonald110100105115120550
James Knox110100115120100545
Sparrow John Morley90100110115100515
David Anderson100100100105100505
Edwin Wong11010090100100500
Arnuad Albertini9510095100110500
James Dunce6575110100115465
Diarmuid Coughlan100100100160460
David Daniels9510015595445
Christopher Graham100115100120435
Ian Pickett120105100105430
Stuart Dickson100105110110425
Neal Richardson105105100105415
Andy Smythe10010090105395
Lee Cuthbertson120100175395
Tom Charlton145100145390
Andy Harrison9090100100380
Chris Meek8585100105375
Simon Pryde100100145345
Chris Chase105110115330
Iain Dalby110100120330
Joel Tepace110110100320
Mathew Tomlinson100115100315
Nicholas Pearson105100110315
Alan Alexander110100100310
Ian Maholam100110100310
Alan Wallace100100100300
Kurt Heron165135300
Richard Tailford100100100300
Jonathon Powell95100100295
Nick Hall10090100290
Paul Andrews9510085280
John Tollitt909090270
Dave Moir100160260
Charles Hazlerigg155100255
Paul Turnbull145100245
Gary Harland110120230
David Johnson13590225
Cees Van Der Land13590225
Danny Fletcher115100215
Steven Shotton110100210
Charles Casey95110205
Keith Smith100100200
David Young95100195
Chris Sumison9595190
Barney Nikolich165165
Dave Wright155155
Terry Scott150150
Tony Carter145145
Alex Polding145145
Douglas Tickner6575140
Dom Munnelly135135
Shaun Brown135135
Alexander Anderson125125
Tom Colquitt120120
Tim Hawkins115115
David Appleby115115
Chris Huitson115115
Colin Dilks110110
Martin Hall110110
Dave Rowe110110
Alistair Blain110110
Andrew Greenwell105105
Steve Pattison105105
John Pickering105105
Alan Hodgson100100
Dave Colpitts100100
Steve Osselton100100
Rajan Nair100100
Michael Nemeth100100
Paul O'Mara100100
Dave Antill100100
Christopher Mitsides9595
David Dickson9595
Steve Cairns8585


(BOLD indicates Performance of the Day)


Points are awarded on participation and finishing position. The higher position a member finishes, the higher number of points they score.

Bonus points are awarded to the male & female member deemed to have ran best during a race and also to members who complete every cross-country event during the season (eight in total).


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