NEHL 2014/15: Race 4 results

Well done to all the members who turned out at Bedewell Park (Jarrow) for the latest fixture of the North East Harrier League [Saturday 31st January].


Results from Saturday’s event can be found at the following links.

Senior Ladies

Senior Men

Junior Races


Despite the chilly conditions and Bedewell Park resembling a mud-bath in places, everyone played their part, with Tyne Bridge finishing 6th in the Senior Ladies race and 1st in the Senior Men’s race.


It was particularly pleasing to see so many men competing and making a contribution to the team victory. As previously mentioned, even if a member doesn’t finish as a counter, they can still have an influence by denying opposition teams valuable points.


Another fantastic turnout from TBH with 34 men and 14 ladies taking part in pretty clarty conditions yesterday. We still top the men’s and ladies league tables so are in a great position going into the last 2 races. Please try to make an effort to turn out in at least one of the last 2 events, as has been said before, every single place helps the team.

David Appleby


The next fixture is on Saturday, 28th February, at Alnwick.


Mini race report by DD

It’s often said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

That may explain why I keep doing cross-country and expect to be dry, clean and warm at the end of a race.

I went over to Bedewell Park safe in the knowledge it couldn’t possibly be as bad as the horrors endured at Pontefract a week earlier [for the Northern X-C Champs]. Happy thoughts filled my mind of having a gentle run around the park before a nice leisurely stroll home in time for my tea.

The reality was somewhat different. It felt like minus 5 thanks a brisk Northerly wind, the course was just as clarty as Pontefract, and to make matters worse, there was even a hill to climb. Okay, maybe ‘hill’ is a slight exaggeration, but it was still an ascent. The only saving grace was I had to run [just under] six miles as opposed to the eight at the Northerns.

After the briefest of warm-ups it was time to race, and my first concern came when taking my place in ‘Medium Pack’. It’d been a few years since running from the Medium’s and I’d forgotten how small the field was (compared to the slow pack) and tagging along at the back meant running 6’20 pace for the first mile. Thankfully[!] the pace became more manageable as we hit the stickier sections of the course and my next concern was not falling head over arse, especially as large groups of spectators had formed around the dodgier parts of the course. It’s one thing to come a cropper but the last thing you want to do is become a laughing stock in front of a crowd. Luckily I managed to stay on my feet for the duration.

After what seemed an age, I eventually reached the final corner and made a bee-line for the finishing line. This, however, was to be the final sting in the tail as the finishing straight was absolutely drenched and ensured I finished both muddy and wet.

Walking home a short time later, with hardening mud forming a close bond with the inside of my trackie bottoms, I asked myself, ‘why oh why do I put myself through this?.’ There’s little or no enjoyment during the race, you feel uncomfortable as hell afterwards and you spend an hour or so cleaning yourself (and your kit) when you get home. But then I looked at the race results and saw TBH still with a chance of winning the title. This is why I do it. To help the club win something and to become a winner myself.

If the club win’s either of the competitions – men’s or women’s – (and it’s a big if judging by Saturday’s competition), it won’t be down to the same 3 or 4 runners who pick up the team prizes, it’ll be a group effort by the whole club, and that to me would make it all the more special.


Thanks to all the following members who raced on Saturday.

Alasdair Blain, Alex Polding, Alexander Anderson, Alison Bulman, Alison Dargie, Andy Harrison, Andy Smythe, Arnaud Albertini, Cees Van Der Land, Charles Casey, Charlotte Carpenter, Christopher Huitson, Christopher Meek, David Appleby, David Daniels, David Dickson, David Moir, Diamuid Coughlan, Emma Moir, Faye Slade, Gary Harland, Heather Dorman, Iain Dalby, Ian Pickett, James Dunce, John Goldsbrough, John Hurse, John Pickering, John Tollitt, Keith Rooney, Laura Carrick, Laura Irving, Lee Cuthbertson, Lisa Walker, Louise Rodgers, Malcolm Gibson, Margaret Hagood,, Matt Davison, Matt Walker, Neal Richardson, Nicholas Pearson, Rachael Estrop, Richard MacDonald, Saraj McMahon, Simon Pryde, Sinead Coffey, Stuart Dickson & Tom Charlton.


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    • john g on 2nd February 2015 at 21:19
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    A great report DD, the xc is a real team effort. I hate every second of it, however every Saturday night I think what a brilliant day it was :)

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