Christmas Day parkrun 2014

This is a list of members of Tyne Bridge Harriers who participated at parkrun on Christmas Day 2014*.


Newcastle parkrun

A total of 268 runners took part.

View full results for Newcastle parkrun event #253

18:01 Stephen BARKER
18:04 David ANDERSON
18:20 Alastair SPANNER
18:37 Rob WISHART
23:34 Anji RIPPON
18:55 Paul ANDREWS parkrun PB :thumbsup:
25:47 Killian MCCARTNEY
27:51 Faye SLADE
18:58 Jonathan LONGRIGG parkrun PB :thumbsup:
27:27 Roger HEATH
19:19 Alasdair BLAIN
22:02 Chris SUMSION
27:22 Matthew WALKER
22:15 Steven BOND 1st Timer ;-)
22:21 Edwin WONG
19:59 Malcolm John GIBSON
33:34 Elaine O’MARA
26:58 Megan PARKIN
26:29 Sarah MCMAHON
23:55 Beate MULLER
20:10 Nicholas Jonathan HALL
20:11 Adrian HALL
20:17 Paul WALLER
23:48 Chris PARKIN
20:22 Nick VARLEY
26:25 Michael NEMETH
26:09 Sophie MARR
17:59 Paul O’MARA
24:13 Stephen HALL
21:09 Graham Terrence KING
21:14 James KNOX
28:25 Stephanie MCFARLANE parkrun PB :thumbsup:
26:09 Rebecca PARKIN
21:43 Nick PEARSON
28:39 Emma BROOKS
21:45 Adrian BROOKS
20:20 Lucy MATHESON parkrun PB :thumbsup:


Edinburgh parkrun

A total of 460 runners took part.

View full results for Edinburgh parkrun event #269

24:35 Claire NORMAN parkrun PB :thumbsup:
26:51 Mary PATTISON
16:39 Steve CAIRNS Age Grading 86.49 % ;-)
26:57 Steve PATTISON


Gateshead parkrun

A total of 161 runners took part.

View full results for Gateshead parkrun event #142

29:52 Robert CLARKE


Hartlepool parkrun

A total of 69 runners took part.

View full results for Hartlepool parkrun event #36

19:44 Louise RODGERS parkrun PB :thumbsup:


Harrogate parkrun

A total of 236 runners took part.

View full results for Harrogate parkrun event #155

21:49 Charles CASEY


York parkrun

A total of 275 runners took part.

View full results for York parkrun event #134

16:36 Tom CHARLTON parkrun PB :thumbsup:


Congratulations to Tom, Louise, Claire, Stephanie, Paul, Jonathan and Lucy for their parkrun PB and many thanks to the parkrun volunteers and sponsors.


(* If you ran at a parkrun event on Christmas Day and would like your result published, please get in touch by clicking here)

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