TBH New Members

A very warm welcome to the club’s newest members


Kathryn Stevenson

Christine Klee
Beate Muller
Stephen Drummond
Paul O’mara
Barney Nikolich
May your time at TBH be long and enjoyable

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    • Beate Muller on 5th December 2014 at 17:07
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    Yikes, David, take that “Dr” off my name, please! Lol… I just gave my official title as requested by the membership form, being a good bureaucrat, but I’d rather my academic laurels didn’t feature on the site. Other runners might think I know something useful and start asking difficult questions. Now THAT would bring me out in a sweat… hehe. – But thanks for welcoming me (and other newcomers) to the club. Beate

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