Results round-up: 9th November 2014

A round-up of race results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.

Please click here if you raced over the weekend and would like a mention.


Heaton Memorial 10K: Sunday 9th November

Finish timeChip timeName
32:43:0032:42:00Sparrow Morley
32:59:0032:57:00Marc Fenwick
33:51:0033:49:00James Dunce
33:53:0033:50:00Tom Charlton
35:26:0035:22:00Paul O'Mara
36:26:0036:25:00Christopher Graham
36:40:0036:36:00Stephen Barker
37:06:0037:03:00Luke Bryant
37:29:0037:15:00David Daniels
38:25:0038:20:00Paul Hilton
38:31:0038:16:00Charlie Townsend
38:36:0038:29:00Edwin Wong
39:19:0039:16:00David Wright
39:19:0039:17:00Louise Rodgers
39:46:0039:30:00Jonathan Longrigg
40:02:0039:56:00Magda Grinsdale
41:06:0041:00:00Yamuna Thiru
41:30:0041:18:00Paul Andrews
41:32:0041:15:00Peter Kennedy
41:38:0041:24:00Arnaud Albertini
41:46:0041:30:00Lucy Matheson
41:56:0041:48:00Melissa Mcpherson
42:23:0042:13:00Rebecca Parkin
42:37:0042:19:00Alan Alexander
42:43:0042:34:00Chris Sumsion
42:56:0042:42:00Neal Richardson
43:01:0042:26:00Henrik Aicher
43:03:0042:56:00Graham King
43:07:0042:52:00James Knox
44:10:0043:58:00Jenny Logue
44:26:0044:12:00Jonathan Pearson
45:01:0044:52:00Rachel Adamson
45:32:0044:56:00Ian Maholam
45:39:0045:12:00Paul Feeley
47:15:0047:02:00Stuart Dickson
48:08:0047:34:00Chris Parkin
48:25:0047:59:00Laura Pentland
48:53:0048:28:00Alexandra Battersby
48:56:0048:19:00Sarah Chadwick
49:46:0049:10:00Michael Nemeth
49:54:0049:23:00Sara Tomassini
49:55:0049:19:00Danny Fletcher
49:55:0049:24:00Stephen Hall
50:00:0049:24:00Neil Banks
51:03:0050:31:00Nicola Brady
51:04:0050:33:00Joanne Wood
53:51:0053:06:00Gill Parkin
53:57:0053:24:00Julie Dougal
55:28:0055:04:00Clare Savory
56:51:0056:06:00Faye Slade
57:25:0057:00:00Anna Brough
59:22:0058:36:00Jessica Anderson
59:22:0058:36:00Sandy Anderson
01:00:0359:11:00Emma Brooks
01:00:3759:52:00Scott Wilkinson
01:04:0001:03:25Clare Barrett
01:07:4101:07:17Deborah Airey

Congratulations to Sparrow on his 3rd place, Marc for finishing 4th and to Sparrow, Marc, James and Tom for winning the Watson Trophy (Men’s Team prize).

(from right to left) Tom, Sparrow, Marc and James collecting the Watson Trophy.

(from right to left) Tom, Sparrow, Marc and James collecting the Watson Trophy.

Also, congratulations to the Ladies for winning their team prize and a huge well done to everybody who ran a PB :thumbsup:

Finally, a big shout out to all the members who ventured along to offer their support. It didn’t matter where I was on the course, I swear I could hear Sara James shouting out “come on TBH!”

Full results can be found here.



Wynyard 5K Trail: Sunday, 2nd November

20:26 Alan Hodgson

Full results can be found here.

This was the 1st of nine Stockton Winter 5k Trail races. Click here for further details of the series.

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