Northern Athletic Road Relay Championships

Well done to the TBH men who represented the club at this year’s Northern Road Relays Championships (Saturday, 20th Sept  Warrington).


For the first time in the club’s history they were two full teams competing in the event, with the ‘A’ team, comprising of Marc Fenwick, Sparrow Morley, Shaun Brown, Terry Scott, Keith Smith & James Dunce, finishing in 26th position and the ‘B’ team, consisting of Chris Graham, David Johnson, John Hurse, Anthony Bagley, Alasdair Blain & Paul Turnbull, finishing in 65th position.

[Update]The terrific performance from the ‘A’ team was good enough for the club to qualify for next month’s National Championships. Well done lads :thumbsup:


A Team: Total Time 2:03:25

Marc Fenwick     (21) 19:40
John Morley      (30) 21:07
Shaun Brown      (27) 20:25
Terry Scott      (27) 20:49
Keith Smith      (25) 20:56
James Dunce      (26) 20:28


B Team: Total Time 2:13:42

Christopher Graham (88) 22:00
David Johnson    (78) 22:06
John Hurse       (76) 22:54
Anthony Bagley   (64) 21:47
Alasdair Blain   (71) 23:32
Paul Turnbull    (65) 21:23


Full results can be found here.

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