Results round-up: 31st August 2014

A round-up of recent races featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


Watergate 5K: Thursday 28th August

15:58 Marc Fenwick (1st :thumbsup:)

17:36 Matty Tomlinson (1st MV40)

17:55 Alan Hodgson (2nd MV40)

18:53 Edwin Wong (1st MV35)

20:25 Nick Pearson

20:40 Rebecca Parkin (3rd Senior Female)

Marc, Matty & Alan also won the Men’s team prize.

(l-r) Ed, Marc and Becky.

(l-r) Ed, Marc and Becky.

Full results can be found here.



Middlebrough 10K: Sunday 31st August

33:46 Shaun Brown (6th overall)

33:51 Terry Scott (3rd MV40)

33:51 Keith Smith (1st MV50)

36:20 Andy Smythe

36:36 David Daniels

37:10 Alastair Spanner

38:37 Jon Moss

39:06 David Young

39:14 Sophie Marr (6th Senior Female)

39:32 Keith Rooney

40:08 Paul Andrews

49:37 Anji Rippon

49:28 Neil Middleton

53:55 Stuart McCormack

59:12 Alison Habebi

61:28 Sara James

(l-r)Terry, Keith, Shaun & Sophie

(l-r)Terry, Keith, Shaun & Sophie

Full results can be found here.



Tynedale 10 Mile ‘Jelly T’ : Sunday 31st August

55:56 Cees Van Der Land (1st :thumbsup:)

59:17 David Moir

1:00:15 Sparrow Morley

1:01:04 Stephen Barker

1:01:29 John Hurse

1:04:26 Luke Bryant

1:05:34 Alasdair Blain

1:05:53 John Tollit

1:06:07 Louise Rodgers (1st Female :thumbsup:)

1:06:11 David Colpitts

1:09:16 Paul Walla

1:11:20 Euan Clubbs

1:11:39 Lucy Matheson

1:11:35 John Pickering

1:11:55 Magda Grinsdale

1:13:12 Nick Pearson

1:13:40 Adam Wood

1:14:27 Steve Shotton

1:15:00 Andrew Keogan

1:15:48 Kerry Reed

1:16:07 Andrew Mcfetrich

1:17:06 Lindsay Walsh

1:17:06 Michael Nemeth

1:22:14 Alexandra Battersby

1:24:01 Phillippa Nichol

1:36:48 Jane Shearer

1:37:12 Alison Bulman

1:38:34 Rachel Griffiths

1:48:48 Margaret Hagood

Full results can be found here.


Pieces of Eight 10K (Penshaw Monument): Sunday 31st August

1:39:11 Paul Brown



Huge congratulations to Marc, Cees and Louise on their victories and well done to all the members who either won a category prize or ran a PB.


If you ran over the weekend and would like your name mentioned, please get in touch here.

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    • Apples on 31st August 2014 at 17:33
    • Reply

    Another great set of results for TBH from all involved. Special congratulations to Fen,Cees and Louise for the big wins and I understand a few PB’s to boot, Terry and Sophie to name two. Massive well done to all who ran.

    • Cees on 31st August 2014 at 23:34
    • Reply

    Jelly T Race report nearly done!

    • Si on 1st September 2014 at 13:20
    • Reply

    Great set of results! Well done to everyone who won, PB’d and improved their fitness. Can’t wait for Marc’s race report!!

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