Results Round-up: 18th, 19th & 20th July 2014

On a packed weekend of racing, this is a round-up of race results featuring Tyne Bridge members. [updated 25.07.2014]


Northern Front Runners 5K: Friday, 18th July

Many congratulations to TC on winning the 5k race.

The victorious Tony Carter

The victorious Tony Carter

16:31 Tony Carter (1st :thumbsup:)

18:22 Jon Moss

18:55 John Tollitt (1st M50 :thumbsup:

18:57 Paul Andrews

19:24 David Young

20:11 John Pickering

20:14 Euan Clubbs

20:26 Adrian Brooks

20:53 Guy Rintoul

21:13 David Rowe

20:56 Chris Sumsion

21:54 Colin Dilks

22:32 Ian Maholam

22:48 Will Johnson

22:49 Ian Walton

22:57 Kerry Reed

23:29 Kirsty Duncan

23:17 Nicola Brady

23:26 Andrew Keoghan

23:57 Michael Nemeth

23:58 Emma Brannan

23:49 Claire Miller-Grossett

24:17 Paul McMorrow

24:20 Anji Rippon

24:20 Gemma Cowan

24:20 Adam Jones

24:20 Kerry Neill

24:13 Angela McBrien

24:29 Stephen Hall

25:52 Charly Blackburn

26:06 Claire Norman

26:18 Caroline Meaney

26:12 Joy Allen

26:33 Laura Dickson

26:31 Gemma Brady

26:57 Jane Shearer

26:47 Michelle Bannan

27:17 Emma Brooks

27:33 Sarah Danielles

27:58 Lynda Rochester

28:48 Faye Slade

30:10 Sara James

31:31 Evelyn Maholam

32:10 Lisa McConnell

32:19 Vicki Deritis

35:12 Paul Brown

Full results can be found here.

TBH prior to the 5K race.

TBH prior to the 5K race.


Victorian 10K: Sunday, 20th July

39:50 Joanne Lee (1st F40 :thumbsup:)

Full results can be found here.



Northumberland Coastal Run: Sunday, 20th July

1:25:08 Dom Munnelly

1:26:23 James Dunce

1:35:20 John Hurse

1:38:15 Louis Goffe

1:38:15 Alasdair Blain

1:38:32 Simon Pryde

1:40:47 Sophie Marr

1:40:47 Louise Rodgers (2nd Vet :thumbsup:)

1:42:53 Chris Sumsion

1:43:39 Kym Eden

1:44:50 Euan Clubbs

1:49:47 Colin Dilks

1:50:15 Alan Wallace

1:52:31 Arnaud Albertini

1:55:02 Adrian Brooks

1:56:39 Kerry Reed

1:57:00 Steve Shotton

2:04:09 Henrik Aicher

2:04:09 Becky Parkin

2:04:33 Chris Parkin

2:06:33 Stuart Dickson

2:09:59 Aimee Cook

2:10:13 Steffen Haugk

2:13:46 Helen Richardson

2:15:50 Felicity Watson

2:24:37 Joanne Wood

2:29:04 Ruth Lee

2:39:34 Holger Kienast

2:40:01 Emma Brooks

2:54:42 Louise Kelly

3:00:26 Evelyn Maholam

Congratulations to ex-member Kevin Jeffress on his superb victory and also to Louise, Sophie & Kym for winning the Ladies Team Prize. The Men also won a team prize (position t.b.c.)

(nb. John Tollitt & David Colpitts are currently missing from the results)

Full race results can be found here.

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    • Badger. on 21st July 2014 at 16:49
    • Reply

    Well done to everybody who did the Coastal Run on a blisteringly hot day, especially to Sophie, Louise and Kym for taking the ladies team prize.

    • Colin Dilks on 25th July 2014 at 13:19
    • Reply

    I did the coastal too but was down as a Wallsend Harrier!

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