North of England League Division 3E (T&F)

T&F team manager Lindsay Walsh recounts another fabulous day of Track & Field action.

NoE Div 3E Track and Field: 13th July 2014, King Edward VI School, Morpeth.

As I was reminiscing to my mum Sunday night, I never did the long jump at school because our school field was used by people walking their dogs and teenagers’ sitting in gangs …hence the sand pit was full of broken glass and… well, you can imagine why I never tried it!!

King Edward VI school will never have those issues and is sure to produce a long line of sporting giants for the North East to be proud of….However some very proud moments were experienced by spectators and athletes of Heaton Harriers and Tyne Bridge on Sunday and having just read the results, I want to briefly share a few with you.

Dive of the day ;-)  – James Dunce

James in action

James in action

This goes hand in hand with the ‘race face’ of the day as James was finishing leg 2 of the 4x400m relay. Following strict instructions from Andy Greenwell to run less than 60s, James had promised all out first 100m, eyeballs out for the 2nd …and then other parts of the anatomy were to be all out for 300m. Feeling like death was to be the treat for the last 100m – Fantastic pre-race encouragement :-)

But that’s pretty much how it looked when at 300m with James leading , following Ben Priestley‘s firmly secured position, he looked like he had nothing else left to give, yet somehow pulled more speed out of the bag to arrive at changeover and launched towards Sparrow Morley with the baton…to fall and roll with the baton!!! Literally having given it all, James handed Sparrow the baton from the floor as he collapsed in a heap. Bruised and grazed, James only roused himself when 400m later a similarly exhausted and rung out Sparrow landed on the grass not far away…..

6 events already under his hat, this was the last drop of energy – A true sacrifice for TBH / Heaton glory.

And YES, we won the 4x400m …Pole position is held by the men for the third meeting running. Well done Ben, James, Sparrow and Andrewl! (Particular mention to the team mate – Sparrow – who ran a 10k in the morning and then a 3000m steeplechase prior to the relay, foolish but brave :-) )

Watch out, there’s more to come from Becca Parkin

Becca in action

Becca in action

Becca Parkin is the woman to watch….I was delighted to have someone new volunteering to ‘have a go’ at track and was sad that I couldn’t enter Becca for 3000m, which was her choice…but suggested the 1500m and maybe she would put her name down for a few others on the day.

What a cracking few races!!! I saw the finishes but didn’t fully realise what her times were…The 1500m she did in an impressive 5mins 49secs…..and in the 800m, Becca was 3 seconds off breaking the club record for women with 2:46!! Both amazing results as a first attempt :thumbsup: and I was really pleased to hear her say she wanted to come back and do better next time…We can’t wait to see your next times!!

Move over juniors ….for Joanne Lee

Joanne in action

Joanne in action

Continuing her form on the track in 3000m, Joanne Lee played it canny with a steady start to the race from somewhere midway in the pack. It was a true race with everyone bunched together for at least 3 laps and worrying the officials that we might have to try a little harder to pick them apart at the line if they didn’t spread out some more!!

But we / I needn’t have worried, and as one official stated, Joanne wasn’t going to ‘bear with that for long’ as she struck out knowing the set pace was too slow for her and finished 19 seconds ahead of the U17 and U20’s she was running alongside. You should never underestimate a woman over 35!!!!!

…and further to that note, on this occasion (and actually many of the other occasions!), the veteran ladies kept this track and field event alive!!

5 out of 6 competitors were veterans (over the hill at 35, how very rude!) and between us we managed to cover 27 of the 31 slots ….Ladies we are hardcore and worthy of many, many toasts offered in red wine  to our awesomeness :-)

Gentlemen, however I do not want you to feel neglected.

Medals of honour may be pinned to the chests of Tony Carter and Keith Rooney for the race I will never understand…or run, the killer that they call the 5000m.

start of the 5000m

start of the 5000m

…Why?? 12 times round a track? What do you think about? Do you think at all? Does it look the same every time? Answers in a race report Rooney? How were they to know there was a new kid, Ady Whitwam, on the block for Morpeth, who struck out early and never lost pace to finish in 15:19…so 4th for Tony was a great time and achievement. Mr Rooney, you did us proud, full respect for enduring the heat and monotony (I’m sure there’s a poem in you …or an ode to the 12 lap track) and if it’s up to me, you can run next time too!! ;-)

Sparrow competing in his 3rd race of the day. Or was it his 4th?

Sparrow competing in his 3rd race of the day. Or was it his 4th?

I’m trying to be brief and so I will end this here…but not because I’m short of praise because, well by now you should know I can go on….but because I want you to experience it.. 9th August!!

Ask Rebecca what she thought of it all… and ask Alasdair Blain if he’s upset he can’t try for a longer triple jump next time… Ask RJ Nair if he’ll be back for the next one and have chat with Andrew Greenwell about which is more difficult the 400m or a marathon ( :-) )….9th August

Don’t just ask! come along and try it ..9th August

Q: Guess when the next one is……



Full results from the fixture can be found here.

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    • James Dunce on 15th July 2014 at 22:03
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    Great day out! The weather even picked up in the afternoon resulting in a gorgeous sun-tan (terrible sun-burn). People should definitely get themselves along to these – great team atmosphere, plenty of cake and lots to get involved with / spectate :)

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