2014 Summer Grand Prix: Race 1 results

It may have been April 1st but the 106 finishers certainly weren’t in the mood for joking after tackling the 1st race of this year’s Summer Grand Prix.

A pan flat run through Jesmond Dene was severely interrupted by a steep incline leading to the 1 mile marker and then, just as the runners thought the race was over, another incline up to the finishing line was in order. (Nobody said it was going to be an easy course – DD ;-) )

We had a tie for 1st place, with Sparrow Morley and guest runner Finn Brodie (Gosforth Harriers) both clocking 10:48.

First female finisher was Alison Dargie in a time of 11:54.


Race 2 of the series will revert back to handicap system, with slower runners setting off first followed by the quicker ones.


Thanks to all the competitors for taking part in the race and huge thanks to all the members who volunteered their services on the evening.


Race Times.

Sparrow Morley00:10:48
Finn Brodie00:10:48
David Johnson00:11:21
Chris Meek00:11:25
Louis Goffe00:11:26
Tim Kelso00:11:32
David Hellard00:11:35
Andy Smythe00:11:46
Danny Cousins00:11:52
Alison Dargie00:11:54
David Appleby00:11:57
David Dickson00:12:00
James Robson00:12:02
David Anderson00:12:04
Simon Pryde00:12:05
Mal Gibson00:12:06
Andy Webber00:12:16
David Colpitts00:12:18
Mark Reynolds00:12:32
Edwin Wong00:12:34
David Wright00:12:36
Gavin Wright00:12:36
Nick Pearson00:12:41
Jonathon Pearson00:12:43
Guy Rintoul00:12:45
Phil Scott00:12:45
Tom Vardy00:12:47
Chris Chase00:12:48
Sophie Marr00:12:50
David Young00:12:53
Lindsay Walsh00:13:03
Steve Shotton00:13:03
Nick Heyward00:13:06
Adam Wood00:13:11
Albertini Arnaud00:13:12
John Pickering00:13:18
Chris Sumsion00:13:27
Ben Thackray00:13:33
Chris Mitsides00:13:38
David Rowe00:13:42
Joy Fenwick00:13:45
Dan Richards00:13:51
Steve Bond00:13:53
Andrew Crawford00:13:55
Matt Walker00:13:56
Alan Alexander00:14:01
Graham King00:14:02
Aoife Power00:14:06
Michael Frost00:14:11
Billy Wood00:14:12
Iain Dalby00:14:13
Michael Nemeth00:14:15
Stuart Dickson00:14:17
Jonathon Logan00:14:20
Kathleen Dempsey00:14:26
Chris Parkin00:14:28
Joel Tepace00:14:30
Will Johnson00:14:31
Alison Janes00:14:33
Catherine Eaton00:14:38
Gary Harland00:14:59
Ruth Lee00:15:05
Claire Mcelduff00:15:07
Richard MacDonald00:15:08
Kerry Reed00:15:12
Henrik Aicher00:15:14
Holger Kienast00:15:15
Karen Richardson00:15:19
Nicola Brady00:15:31
Stephen Hall00:15:33
Sophie Wardrobe00:15:41
Jano Malvar00:16:03
Rachel Griffiths00:16:06
Jo Wood00:16:09
Sinead Coffey00:16:11
Jane Harland00:16:13
Asari Rashid00:16:18
Gemma Cowan00:16:20
Katie Monnelly00:16:24
Julie Dougal00:16:28
Jane Shearer00:16:31
Charley Blackburn00:16:32
Andrew Zealand00:16:59
Emma Brooks00:17:06
Steve Beer00:17:10
Sandy Anderson00:17:25
Margaret Finn00:17:30
Caroline Meaney00:17:41
Jenny Tennant00:17:44
Scott Wilkinson00:17:47
Jessica Anderson00:17:53
Mandy Tunmore00:17:59
Kelly Phillipson00:18:04
Alison Bulman00:18:14
Alison Habebi00:18:33
Emma Frost00:18:39
Margaret Hagood00:18:41
Margaret Eccles00:18:51
Ian Walton00:18:52
Jo Lee00:19:07
Erica Thompson00:19:11
Rachel Atkinson00:19:19
Deborah Airey00:20:27
Jon Moss00:21:00
Paul Brown00:23:13
Sara Sedgley00:23:14


If you notice an error with your name/time please get in touch.

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    • Catherine on 1st April 2014 at 21:47
    • Reply

    Wow. Super quick results. Awesome!:)

    • Simon Pryde on 1st April 2014 at 22:23
    • Reply

    My money’s on Jon Moss to win the next one……

  1. Echoing the thanks to all the marshals and other volunteers who helped… Was great to have lots of you en route to support and keep us right!

    • Michael Nemeth on 2nd April 2014 at 01:02
    • Reply

    Cracking race and super fast results, as always.
    I know my rivalry with Iain could be descried as sibling, but I don’t think I’ve been adopted by his family yet. 14:15 should read Michael Nemeth :) Thanks.

    1. apologies Michael

      • Iain on 2nd April 2014 at 09:48
      • Reply

      You have disrespected the family name, Michael – may our rivalry continue next month…

    • kevin cheetham on 2nd April 2014 at 07:03
    • Reply

    why is it everything TBH do turns to Gold Mr Daniels you have come up trumps yet again

    • Adam Jones on 2nd April 2014 at 08:20
    • Reply

    Thanks for my cracking time of 13:11 between Nick and Arnaud but I was marshalling and didn’t manage more than a brisk walk all evening!

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