2014 Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships

Well done to all the lads n lasses who competed in the Northern Cross Country Championships at Knowsley Safari Park (Liverpool).

On a great day for the club, the women closed one complete team and the men managed to complete two full teams, with the ‘A’ team finishing a terrific 16th place (out of 59 teams) whilst the ‘B’ team finished in a respectable 34th position. In the senior Men’s race Tyne Bridge were 2nd best placed North-East club, behind Morpeth Harriers whom finished 2nd overall on the day.

Looking at the final results, it becomes apparent that running clubs rely on all it’s members to contribute at these events, not just the fastest ones. So whether you’re in Group 1 or in Group 5, try to get yourself along to the next one because you may be that final member who completes a team.


The TBH men in all their glory.


(l-r) Lindsay Walsh, Julie Shaw, Charly Blackburn & Sinead Coffey

(l-r) Lindsay Walsh, Julie Shaw, Charly Blackburn & Sinead Coffey


Ladies team

Lindsay Walsh40:25
Sinead Coffey46:45
Julie Shaw47:28
Charly Blackburn51:12


Men’s A team

Darryl Davison48.44
Dave Moir49.07
Douglas Tickner49.13
James Dunce51.06
Chris Graham52.05
Jomah Kekula52.25


Men’s B team

Andy Smythe52.34
Chris Meek53.15
Alan Hodgson53.20
Paul Hilton55.59
John Hurse56.49
Keith Rooney57.23


Men’s C team

Nick Pearson00:59:01
Micky Baker01:06:39
Steve shotton01:06:58


Full results from the championships can be found here.


Many congratulations to Daniel Garbutt and Rosie Smith (both Durham City Harriers) for finishing 1st and 2nd in their respective races and well done to Morpeth Harriers (2nd Men’s Team) and Jarrow & Hebburn (3rd Ladies Team).

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    • Paul Hilton on 26th January 2014 at 10:06
    • Reply

    Lindsay, Sinead, Julie and Charly completed the TBH ladies team but are not shown in team results.

    E-mail has been sent to Northern Athletics regarding a huge chunk of missing ladies who finished in a time between 48.28 and 61.36.

    They have received our message and we are waiting patiently for results to be amended.

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