Winter Grand Prix: Race 2 Results

Race 2: Tuesday 5th November

Results from the race can be found below, together with the latest points table.

Newcomer Liz Clark was 1st past the finishing line, narrowly beating fellow newcomer Davina Brain by just three seconds (33:57 to 34:00).

The fastest time of the evening was achieved by Marc Fenwick, running a blistering 15:35, with Louise Rodgers the quickest lady of the race, completing the 5k course in 19:24.

Despite the chilly conditions, a record attendance of 108 runners completed the race, with over 20 athletes taking part in the Winter Series for the first time.

As always, many thanks must go to all the volunteers who helped the race go off smoothly.

The next fixture of the series takes place on Tuesday, 3rd December.


namerace timereal time
Liz Clark00:33:5700:33:57
Davina Brain00:34:0000:34:00
Laura Bolton00:35:3000:26:30
Kris Webster00:36:0400:19:04
Peter Jacobs00:36:0400:30:34
Naomi Jacobs00:36:0600:30:36
Sarah Thompson00:36:0800:27:08
Charly Blackburn00:36:0900:27:09
Paul Brown00:36:2700:36:27
Adam Wood00:36:3700:20:37
Jane Shearer00:37:0000:26:00
Alison Habebi00:37:1200:26:12
Joy Fenwick00:37:1400:22:44
Evelyn Maholam00:37:2700:30:57
Mark Masterton00:37:3200:21:32
Lisa McConnell00:37:3200:32:02
Jose Ruiz00:37:3800:21:38
Catherine Eaton00:37:4000:23:10
Felicity Watson00:37:4200:21:12
Aoife Power00:37:4400:23:44
Tom Hanson00:37:4500:20:45
Nicola Brady00:37:4600:23:16
Anja McCarthy00:37:4600:23:16
Stephen Hall00:37:4700:22:37
Claire Miller Grossett00:37:5100:23:21
Kerry Neill00:37:5200:23:22
Michael Nemeth00:37:5300:22:43
Ruth Lee00:37:5500:23:55
Lucas Sutherland00:37:5700:21:27
Thomas Vardy00:37:5900:20:59
Alison Bulman00:38:0100:28:31
Phil Scott00:38:0400:19:34
David Johnson00:38:0600:17:06
Tamas Fulop00:38:0600:21:36
Lisa Cane00:38:0600:23:36
Lee Connor00:38:0700:22:57
John Blake00:38:0900:22:59
Steven Barker00:38:1000:18:10
Selina McCarthy00:38:1100:23:41
Andrew McFetrich00:38:1300:21:43
Jomah Kekula00:38:1400:19:14
Stuart Dickson00:38:1600:22:16
Sandy Anderson00:38:1700:25:17
Dave Moir00:38:1900:17:19
Anna Brough00:38:1900:25:49
Colin Dilks00:38:2000:21:20
Laura Dickson00:38:2100:25:21
Chris Parkin00:38:2200:21:52
Jessica Anderson00:38:2200:27:22
Alex Battersby00:38:2300:23:13
Laura Charlton00:38:2300:30:23
David Charlton00:38:2300:30:23
Louise Rodgers00:38:2400:19:24
Charlotte Carpenter00:38:2400:22:24
Geoff Robinson00:38:2500:19:55
Anji Rippon00:38:2500:22:25
Mandy Tunmore00:38:2600:27:26
Angela McBrien00:38:2800:24:28
Andy Smythe00:38:2800:18:28
Jon Moss00:38:3000:18:30
Louise Easton00:38:3200:29:32
Claire Norman00:38:3300:25:33
Craig Hodgson00:38:3500:17:35
Nick Pearson00:38:3500:20:05
Margaret Hagood00:38:3600:29:06
David Colpitts00:38:3800:19:38
Andrea Hayden00:38:4200:29:42
Sophie Marr00:38:4300:19:43
Adam Jones00:38:4400:22:14
Lysanne Jurriansen00:38:4600:24:16
Mark Reynolds00:38:4800:19:18
James Robson00:38:4900:18:49
Will Kerr00:38:5000:22:20
Matt Walker00:38:5100:21:51
Steve Shotton00:38:5200:19:52
Laura Pentland00:38:5300:24:23
Daniel Birchall00:38:5400:19:24
Asari Rashid00:38:5600:22:56
Caroline Smith00:38:5700:23:47
Joanne Wood00:38:5700:24:27
Andrew Webber00:38:5800:18:58
Chris Sumsion00:38:5800:20:58
Keith Rooney00:38:5900:19:29
Steve Osselton00:39:0000:19:30
Gareth Atkinson00:39:0200:25:02
Ian Jackman00:39:0300:18:03
Marc Fenwick00:39:0500:15:35
Ian Dalby00:39:0500:22:35
Chris Small00:39:0600:18:06
Emma Brooks00:39:0700:26:37
Kevin Jeffress00:39:0800:16:38
Shaun Brown00:39:0900:16:39
Sinead Coffey00:39:1100:24:41
Adrian Brooks00:39:1300:20:43
Sparrow Morley00:39:1700:16:47
Matt Brent00:39:2000:16:50
David Beech00:39:2300:16:53
Darryl Davison00:39:2900:16:59
Dan Richards00:39:3100:23:31
Rachel Adamson00:39:3300:23:33
Sophie Wardrobe00:39:3500:25:05
Keith Smith00:39:4000:17:10
Leodhais McPherson00:40:2200:20:22
Derek Hardy00:41:0000:27:00
Vicki Thompson00:42:1500:25:15
Imran Mohammid00:42:2000:33:20
Amanda Hood00:44:5000:35:50


Results can also be found on the RunBritain website.


Points table (updated 12/11/2013)

memberrace 1race 2race 3race 4race 5race 6total
Paul Brown100142242
Adam Wood100141241
Jane Shearer100140240
Alison Habebi100139239
Joy Fenwick100138238
Evelyn Maholam100137237
Catherine Eaton100133233
Felicity Watson100132232
Tom Hanson100130230
Nicola Brady100129229
Anja McCarthy100128228
Stephen Hall100127227
Clare Miller-Grossett100126226
Kerry Neill100125225
Michael Nemeth100124224
Alison Bulman100120220
Phil Scott100119219
John Blake100114214
Steven Barker100113213
Stuart Dickson100109209
Sandy Anderson100108208
Dave Moir100107207
Anna Brough100106206
Colin Dilks100105205
Jessica Anderson100102202
Alasdair Blain100100200
Annette Kelly100100200
Chris Graham100100200
David Appleby100100200
Davy Anderson100100200
Edwin Wong100100200
Graeme Mitchinson100100200
Henrik Aicher100100200
James Dunce100100200
John Hurse100100200
John Tollit100100200
Kelly Phillipson100100200
Kevin Cheetham100100200
Lizzy Clamp100100200
Louis Goffe100100200
Louise Kelly100100200
Micky Baker100100200
Mike Parker100100200
Paul Hilton100100200
Pip Nichol100100200
Simon Kristiansen100100200
Stephanie Macfarlane100100200
Tony Carter100100200
David Charlton10099199
Anji Rippon10096196
Geoff Robinson10095195
Andy Smythe10091191
Jon Moss10090190
Nick Pearson10087187
David Colpitts10084184
Andrea Hayden10083183
Sophie Marr10082182
Adam Jones10080180
Mark Reynolds10078178
James Robson10077177
Will Kerr10076176
Matt Walker10075175
Steve Shotton10074174
Asari Rashid10071171
Jo Wood10069169
Keith Rooney10066166
Gareth Atkinson10064164
Ian Jackman10063163
Marc Fenwick10061161
Chris Small10060160
Emma Brooks10059159
Kevin Jeffress10058158
Sinead Coffey10056156
Adrian Brooks10055155
Sparrow Morley10054154
Darryl Davison10051151
Liz Clark150150
Davina Brain149149
Rachel Adamson10049149
Laura Bolton148148
Keith Smith10047147
Kris Webster147147
Leodhais Macpherson10046146
Peter Jacobs146146
Naomi Jacobs145145
Sarah Thompson144144
Vicki Thompson10044144
Charly Blackburn143143
Imran Mohammed10043143
Lisa McConnell136136
Mark Masterton135135
Jose Ruiz134134
Aoife Power131131
Ruth Lee123123
Lucas Sutherland122122
Thomas Vardy121121
Tamas Fulop118118
Lisa Cane117117
David Johnson116116
Lee Connor115115
Selina McCarthy112112
Andrew McFetrich111111
Jomah Kekula110110
Laura Dickson104104
Chris Parkin103103
Alex Battersby101101
Aimee Cook100100
Alan Wallace100100
Alex Lockwood100100
Ally Polding100100
Amy Hussey100100
Andrew Dougal100100
Andy Harrison100100
Ann Grenfell100100
Antony Bagley100100
Becky Harrison100100
Cai Chi100100
Cees van der Land100100
Chris Smith100100
Dave Antill100100
Dave Beech100100
Dave Johnson100100
David Anderson100100
David Young100100
Davy Wright100100
Denise Waugh100100
Elizabeth Severs100100
Evon Hubner100100
Gary Harland100100
Gwen Burin100100
Heather Robinson100100
Ian Laidler100100
Jack Neeson100100
Jame Knox100100
James Knox100100
Joel Tebace100100
John Pickering100100
Jonathan Logan100100
Jonathon Frith100100
Joy Allen100100
Julie Shaw100100
Kurt Heron100100
Laura Charlton100100
Laura Conner100100
Lucy Matheson100100
Lyndsay Walsh100100
Mal Gibson100100
Margaret Finn100100
Matt Collins100100
Michael Edgar100100
Michael Gibbs100100
Michelle Banna100100
Nick Varley100100
Penny Wilmott100100
Raj Niair100100
Rob Kirtley100100
Rob Wishart100100
Ron Murray100100
Ross Anderson100100
Sara Sedgley100100
Sara Tommassini100100
Scott Wilkinson100100
Steve Allerdyce100100
Steve Douthwaite100100
Vicki Deritis100100
Vicky Cuthbertson100100
Victoria Forster100100
Will Johnson100100
Charlotte Carpenter9898
Louise Rodgers9797
Mandy Tunmore9393
Angela McBrien9292
Louise Easton8989
Claire Norman8888
Craig Hodgson8686
Margaret Hagood8585
Lysanne Jurriansen7979
Laura Pentland7373
Daniel Birchall7272
Caroline Smith7070
Chris Sumsion6868
Andrew Webber6767
Steve Osselton6565
Ian Dalby6262
Shaun Brown5757
Matt Brent5353
David Beech5252
Dan Richards5050
Sophie Wardrobe4848
Derek Hardy4545
Amanda Hood4242

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    • Kenif on 5th November 2013 at 22:46
    • Reply

    Right so who all pb’d then, I know Keith Rooney did, brilliant first run from Kris Webster and Louise Rodger did her first ever 5k, sub 18 then next time please ha

    • Nick on 5th November 2013 at 23:04
    • Reply

    Only 23 out of 108 finishing over their handicap time so I think we could having a whole lot of them! Great running all.

    • Marc Fenwick on 5th November 2013 at 23:06
    • Reply

    Massive Turnout! Well done everyone! Not be long before we are all getting Rooneyed!

  1. It’s either great running by everybody or I’ve made a pig’s ear of the results ;-) Let’s hope it’s the former.

    Apologies if I offended anyone at the end of the run. I sometimes slip into ‘bossy boots’ mode and start ordering people around. Sorry :-(

    • on 6th November 2013 at 08:26
    • Reply

    Absolutely fantastic ! well done everybody, some superb times posted & what an amazing turnout. well done to all the volunteer marshals & time keepers. Awesome work from DD getting those results online in super quick time. Champion :thumbsup:

    1. Thanks Rob. I had a great team working with me on the night which makes things so much easier.

    • Louise Rodgers on 6th November 2013 at 09:16
    • Reply

    I didn’t notice any bossy boots mode at all but shall look out for it next time,ha!!! Really well organised and great course for a 1st 5k ever. Couldn’t believe how quick results out, you lot are fast at everything!!!

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