2013 Summer GP: Race 6 results

Well, we didn’t break the 100 barrier but we came oh so close.

To turn-out 94 members for an internal club race is some achievement, and many thanks must go to every one who participated this evening, and throughout the entire series.

Peter Hubbard took the honours of winning the final race of the series, finishing over a minute ahead of 2nd place runner Katie Griggs, with Emma Neal finishing 3rd.


The quickest time of the evening went to Tony Carter, clocking 10:25, with Kevin Jeffress, Shaun Brown and James Dunce all running sub 11 minute times.

Fastest ladies of the race were Becky Harrison (13:08), Lucy Matheson (13:12) and Sophie Marr (13:25).


As usual, many thanks to all the members who volunteered their services and ensuring the event went off safely.


Provisional results for Race 6 are below and the final points table will be posted asap.

If you notice an error with your result (or name) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


memberrace timetrue time
peter hubbard00:21:1500:13:00
katie griggs00:22:3500:17:20
emma neal00:23:1200:14:57
laura griggs00:23:2800:18:13
jane harland00:23:3000:15:45
gary harland00:23:3100:15:46
liz raven00:23:3700:16:22
susie raven00:23:3700:16:22
andrea lancaster00:23:5500:15:40
laura pentland00:24:0800:15:23
emma brooks00:24:1000:17:25
richard pollard00:24:1300:16:58
conrad scott00:24:2000:12:20
laura connor00:24:2200:15:07
derek vardy00:24:2200:18:07
david johnson00:24:2600:11:11
steve bond00:24:2900:14:29
davy wright00:24:3200:11:17
bryan ankers00:24:3400:12:49
holger kelgist00:24:3400:15:19
claire norman00:24:3500:15:50
thomas vardy00:24:3500:14:35
chris small00:24:3600:12:21
debbie mcparlin00:24:3600:19:21
becky harrison00:24:3800:13:08
leodhais macpherson00:24:4000:12:40
michelle bannan00:24:4100:17:26
laura dickson00:24:4200:16:27
margaret finn00:24:4300:16:58
angela mcbrien00:24:4600:15:16
sara sedgley00:24:4800:18:33
michelle ankers00:24:4900:17:04
richard mccarthy00:24:5000:14:05
rob kirtley00:24:5000:12:20
stuart dickson00:24:5100:13:06
nick varley00:24:5300:12:23
tony carter00:24:5500:10:25
geof ellingham00:24:5500:15:10
scott wilkinson00:24:5700:15:27
stephen hall00:24:5700:14:57
louise easton00:24:5800:18:43
aimee cook00:24:5900:14:59
john pickering00:25:0000:13:00
kelly phillipson00:25:0000:18:45
guy rintoul00:25:0100:12:31
steve shotton00:25:0200:13:17
james dunce00:25:0200:10:47
alex lockwood00:25:0400:12:04
sophie wardrobe00:25:0400:14:49
andrea hayden00:25:0400:19:19
kerry liddle00:25:0500:18:20
hannah shaw00:25:0600:19:21
colin dilks00:25:0700:13:37
kevin jeffress00:25:0700:10:37
jon moss00:25:0800:11:53
emma moir00:25:0800:15:23
charlotte carpenter00:25:0900:14:24
nicola brady00:25:1100:14:56
adrian brooks00:25:1500:13:30
shaun brown00:25:1600:10:46
catherine simm00:25:1600:17:01
caroline smith00:25:1700:14:47
sinead coffey00:25:1800:15:48
joanne wood00:25:1800:15:03
alex battersby00:25:2100:14:51
jonathon powell00:25:2300:12:23
craig hodgson00:25:2300:11:23
dawn cranston00:25:2400:15:39
helen richardson00:25:2500:15:25
sue mullinger00:25:2500:17:10
david appleby00:25:2500:11:55
nick pearson00:25:2700:12:57
lucy matheson00:25:2700:13:12
alan wallace00:25:2800:12:58
chris meek00:25:2900:11:44
evelyn maholam00:25:3000:21:15
ann grenfell00:25:3300:16:48
dave anderson00:25:3300:11:18
john tollitt00:25:3600:12:36
mandy tunmore00:25:4300:17:58
mal gibson00:25:4300:12:43
adam jones00:25:4400:14:44
kevin cheetham00:25:4600:14:31
john blake00:25:5100:15:06
michael nemeth00:25:5100:14:51
kerry neal00:25:5400:15:24
penny wilmott00:25:5600:21:56
chris parkin00:26:0300:15:03
sophie marr00:26:1000:13:25
jane shearer00:26:1100:17:56
paul brown00:28:4400:26:29
katie monnelly00:28:4400:26:29


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    • Si on 4th September 2013 at 00:28
    • Reply

    A couple of cracking performances by two of our juniors. Leodhais Macpherson only 1minute and 11 secs behind his old man and 11 year old Jane Harland smashing out 15:45!!!!

    Tyne Bridge Juniors are set to dominate this coming x country season :)

    • kenny mac on 4th September 2013 at 13:28
    • Reply

    I think the Manchester lad who is here temporarily is missed out, Tim? Group 2

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