Tynedale 10k / TBH Club Championship Race 2013

Tynedale 10k – 3rd July 2013

It was a night of jubilation for Marc Fenwick as his 5th place finish in the Tynedale 10k was enough to waltz away with the title of Tyne Bridge Harriers Club Champion 2013.

Many congratulations Marc :thumbsup:

Also to be congratulated is the new female Club Champion, Sophie Marr, who continues to improve month upon month and is a worthy champion.

Continuing the theme of using a local race as the club championship event, Tyne Bridge choose the popular Tynedale 10k as it’s race for 2013, and the club were once again done proud by it’s members, with a magnificent turn-out of 61 athletes.

Amongst the plethora of Tyne Bridger’s was Kym Eden, who writes this report.

Tynedale 10k – a decidedly ladies affair

With trepidation and fear I found myself amongst 700 hundred runners on a warm summer evening doing the Tynedale 10k in Ovingham .
This was my first road event of the running season and having looked at the course I felt certain it would be enjoyable and picturesque. The first mile was more or less down hill, for those inexperienced runners, like myself, this could easily have been utilised to ones full advantage. But more experience members of the club a certain K Mac and Sparrow Morley advocated to take this at a steady pace, as a quick burst of energy could be easily used up and to pace for the rest of the route.
Initially the start like many races we were all cramped in and on hindsight I wished I had put myself a little more at the beginning, as dodging passed people took up the energy I was trying to preserve. The course did promise to be serene and there were points where it was. However there were quite a few mini hills especially at the 4-5k point, which led us through a wooded area and into a dark tunnel, along roads and at certain points near the river.
A sprint finish ensued with a guy from Heaton Harriers which I used as a marker throughout the run, this serpentine route eventually finished near Ovingham high school with a water station to finish, which was very much needed. Having not really ran in many races I didn’t think my chances of winning anything was on my wish list, just taking part and enjoying the camaraderie from all the members of TBH was enough for me. To my surprise collectively we did very well, I came first for senior women with a respectable time of 42.16, with Lucy Matheson coming 2nd for veteran ladies with a good time of 43.30, we also won for the first women team, with Sophie Marr as our third member, what a bonus.
I would highly recommend this run for anyone contemplating trying a 10k for next year, if anything you’ll enjoy the scenic route that it offers and a pie and pea supper.

The Tynedale 10k race was won by Ian Hudspith (Morpeth Harriers) in a time of 30:23, with Aly Dixon (Sunderland Strollers) winning the Ladies race with a time of 33:40.

Club results.

marc fenwick*31.59
steve cairns**32.48
shaun brown35.06
kevin jeffress35.11
darryl davison35.37
sparrow morley***35.52
dave moir36.27
paul hilton37.04
Stephen barker37.31
david anderson37.33
chris meek38.01
chris graham38.09
andy harrison38.11
david appleby38.14
simon pryde39.38
alex lockwood40.03
jon moss40.31
sophie marr****41.02
john hurse41.03
izzy knox41.48
Daniel birchall41.53
kym eden*****42.16
guy rintoul42.30
keith rooney42.39
graham king42.46
megan parkin43.28
lucy matheson43.29
steven shotton43.45
nick pearson44.07
colin dilks45.11
steve allerdyce45.22
dave rowe45.25
mike parker45.44
stuart dickson45.45
matthew walker46.05
Philip scott46.15
steve douthwaite47.43
kevin cheetham47.59
aimee cook48.10
Kerry reed48.20
chris parkin49.15
alex battersby50.39
lizzy clamp50.41
sophie wardrobe51.31
sinead coffey51.45
Rebecca parkin51.52
Natalie ohlson51.53
Nicola brady52.12
joanne wood52.55
felicity watson53.20
james knox53.59
Stephanie mcfarlane54.03
louise watson54.38
maria grady54.54
clare smith57.02
Amanda tunmore57.05
scott wilkinson58.39
Alison habebi59.17
Alison bulman60.14
Michael duff64.22

* Club Champion (Male) 2013

** Veteran Champion (Male) 2013

*** Winner of the George Ogle Mile Trophy

**** Club Champion (Female) 2013

***** Veteran Champion (Female) 2013

1st Place Ladies Team: Sophie Marr, Lucy Matheson and Kym Eden.

2nd Place Men’s Team: Marc Fenwick, Steve Cairns and Shaun Brown.

Full results can be found here.

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