BUPA Great North 10K Run: 23rd June 2013

Over 30 members took part in Sunday’s BUPA Great North 10k Run, with Sparrow Morley first finisher for the club (14th), just one place ahead of Matt Brent.

Well done to everyone who took part, especially those representing the club for the first time.

TBH before the race.

TBH before the race.

Member’s results.

gail allan01.03.18
joy allen00.50.33
steve allerdyce01.03.08
mark allison01.04.25
stephen barker00.39.16
alex battersby00.49.19
gemma brady00.51.09
nicola brady00.49.52
matt brent00.35.13
alison bulman01.02.02
julie dougal00.55.11
stephen hall00.49.32
donna houghton01.04.25
ian jackman00.39.51
ruth lee00.52.01
evelyn maholm01.09.56
imran mohammed01.06.01
sparrow morley00.35.13
jon moss00.40.18
jordan mullinger00.41.18
kerry neill00.51.00
natalie ohlson00.53.16
ross palmer00.42.04
nick pearson00.44.01
bam rashid00.50.12
guy rintoul00.42.52
lynda rochester01.00.40
philip scott00.43.58
yvonne storey00.52.25
sophie wardrobe00.52.38

The race was won by Ryan Mcleod (Tipton Harriers) in a time of 30:28, with Gemma Steel (Charnwood AC) first female with a time of 33:26.

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