TBH Winter Gp: Race 6 results

Despite the chilly conditions on the banks of the Tyne, there were some red-hot performances in the final race of the 2012/13 Winter G.P. series.

Marc Fenwick smashed the course record with a blistering 15:46 and a number of PB’s were recorded on the night as 72 members finished the race.


Top 3 quickest times (Men)

Marc Fenwick: 15.46

Tony Carter: 16.12

Shaun Brown: 16.55


Top 3 quickest times (Women)

Jordan Mullinger: 20.15

Kym Eden: 20.30

Lucy Matheson: 20.34


Well done to everyone who took part and huge thanks to the volunteers and race organisors for another great evening.


Provisional results from the final race of the Winter Grand Prix Series.


NameRace TimeActual Time
John Moss30.0421.04
Mark Allison31.1828.18
Alex Cook31.2026.20
Scott Wilkinson31.2625.56
Steve Douthwaite31.5623.56
Kym Eden32.0020.30
Gemma Brady32.0225.02
Nicola Brady32.0624.06
Jill Parkin32.0824.38
Kevin Cheetham32.0923.09
Ashley Wells32.1126.41
Anthony Lowry32.1525.45
Keith Rooney32.1820.48
Claire Smith32.2126.51
Stuart Dickson32.2520.55
Peter Kennedy32.2718.57
Jonathon Frith32.3120.01
Dave Young32.3219.02
Chichi Nyambe32.3521.05
Jo Wood32.3626.06
Mike Norbury32.3719.07
Mark Jackson32.3818.08
Megan Parkin32.4321.13
Sue Mullinger32.4826.18
Layla Osselton32.5024.20
Vicki Thompson32.5123.51
Andy Lisle32.5418.24
Guy Rintoul32.5419.54
Mandy Tunmore32.5727.57
Gary Wright32.5819.28
Graham King32.5920.29
Stephen Barker33.0018.30
Colin Dilks33.0021:00
John Finlay33.0119.01
Naomi Virgo33.0121.31
Margaret Finn33.0228.02
Rachel Adamson33.0322.03
Lucy Matheson33.0420.34
Nick Pearson33.0420.04
Tony Carter33.1216.12
Claire Miller Grossett33.1322.13
Tom Hanson33.1421.14
Marc Fenwick33.1615.46
Bryan Ankers33.1621.16
Will Kerr33.1722.17
Elliot Hailes33.1919.49
Chris Parkin33.2121.51
Alan Wallace33.2320.23
Steve Compton33.2521.25
Shaun Brown33.2516.55
Jasmine Black33.2622.26
Dave Antill33.3019.30
Annette Kelly33.3123.01
Douglas Tickner33.3218.02
Anthony Bagley33.3218.02
Sinead Coffey33.3725.37
Louise Harwood33.3922.39
Ben Priestley33.4019.10
Matt Walker33.4321.13
Jordan Mullinger33.4520.15
Darryl Davison33.4617.16
John Tollitt33.4918.49
Kerry Reed33.5022.20
Alison Habebi34.0329.03
Dave Moir34.0517.35
Emma Brannan34.2325.23
Nick Varley34.2519.55
Sara Sedgley34.3429.34
Ben Johnson34.4421.14
Ruth Lee34.5725.57



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    • Apples on 5th March 2013 at 22:02
    • Reply

    It has been a pleasure to watch the last six months of races from the half way point, to witness the improvements of so many athletes has been brilliant. Well done to you all

    • Cuthbert on 5th March 2013 at 22:57
    • Reply

    Amazing times guys& gals – there are some seriously fast results up there, great work. Particularly impressed by Leodhais, I’m assuming that’s a PB? Excellent!

    • Gary on 6th March 2013 at 07:46
    • Reply

    Yeah Well done to all! Leodhais the battle is now on!!!

    • Big Ron on 6th March 2013 at 07:52
    • Reply

    A fitting climax to a wonderfull winter series, well done everyone

    • Jacko on 6th March 2013 at 08:36
    • Reply

    Was a seriously good night last night – still never get down off the Millenium Bridge properly though! Most inconsiderate of the architects not to consider the need to keep pace up!
    The young ‘un’s did well like – be beating us “old-timers” I’m sure soon!

    • Scotty on 7th March 2013 at 21:11
    • Reply

    So many PB’s! Well done to everyone for giving it their all.

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