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With four races down and two to go in the 2012/13 North East Harrier League season, the race to become Tyne Bridge Harrier’s Male Champion is hotting up nicely. Currently in the lead is club Captain, Paul Hilton, with a 40pts gap over 2nd placed athlete, Mark Reynolds. In 3rd place, and still within striking distance for the title, is Tony Carter, who has consistently ran well this season from the Fast Pack.

Will the next fixture prove decisive for one of the leading bunch?


Meanwhile, in the Ladies competition, the ever reliable Lisa Walker continues her march to be crowned Female Champion. There may be faster ladies at the club than Lisa, but none as dependable or as dedicated when it comes to cross-country running. Sophie Marr, Lynne Cornell and Kym Eden currently lie in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively.


Overall - TBH Mens Scores for the Harrier League 2012/13

H/CSherman cupCramlingtonBlaydonNEXC ChampsJarowWrekentonAlnwickPrudhoe
Hilton, Paul3010010015010080120650
Reynolds, Mark6010010011010011090610
Carter, Tony101201406010070110600
Davison, Daryl4010010013016080570
Pearson, Nicholas90110110100120120560
Hurse, John80100110100110120540
Moir, David301001401008090510
Kristiansen, Simon3014016010090490
Daniels, David30100909010090470
Hawkin, Tim90110110100120440
Laidler, Ian40100100110130440
Dickson, Stuart90110110100110430
Rintoul, Guy80110100110110430
Smith, Keith2010014090100430
Clark, Rob1014010010070410
Cheetham, Kevin100120120120360
Hall, Mark40801009090360
Wilkinson, Scott100120120120360
Beech, David10140100100340
Murray, Ron90110110100320
Baker, Micky80100100110310
Morley, Sparrow209012080290
Fenwick, Marc10110170280
Jeffress, Kevin10130140270
Aicher, Hemrik100120120240
Thompson, Mark100120120240
Tollitt, John60120120240
Jackman, Ian60120110230
Anderson, David80110110220
Pryde, Simon60100120220
Goffe, Louis20100110210
Gibson, Mal60100100200
Kelly, Sean40100100200
Wishart, Rob5010090190
Turnbull, Paul30170170
Meek, Chris50160160
Neeson, Jack1010060160
Collier, Stu30150150
Allerdyce, Steve100120120
Haugk, Steffen100120120
Powell, Jonathon70120120
Tomlinson, Matty20120120
Brown, Shaun40110110
Jackson, Mark50110110
Riley, Ben90110110
Rooney, Keith90110110
Rowe, David80110110
Taylor, David90110110
Young, Dave70110110
Appleby, David60100100
Bagley, Anthony40100100
Di Giovani, Rob20100100
Harrison, Andy50100100
Lockwood, Alex70100100
Mitsides, Chris70100100



Overall - TBH Ladies Scores for the Harrier League 2012/13

H/CDavison ShieldCramlingtonBlaydonNEXC ChampsJarowWrekentonAlnwickPrudhoe
Lisa Walker50100110110100110100630
Sophie Marr1012090100130440
Lynne Cornell70100100100110410
Kym Eden20130100170400
Emma Moir601001108090380
Charlotte Carpenter50100100130330
Julie Shaw60100100100300
Kerry Reed50120130250
Frances King2017070240
Lucy Matheson30110130240
Jordan Mullinger1016080240
Helen Fox100100120220
Sinead Coffey6080120200
Holly White50100100200
Stephanie McFarlane709090180
Naomi Virgo30130130
Catherine Willis20130130
Emma Wright40110110
Carolina-Sassy Freeman20110110
Alice Gowing50110110
Jasmine Black50110110
Vicki Forster70110110
Layla Osselton70110110
Emma Brannan90100100
Sarah Sedgley80100100
Danielle Rutherford80100100
Nicola Brady80100100
Vicky Cuthbertson70100100
Elspeth Lawson50100100
Katrina Matheson60100100
Joy Fenwick50100100
Jane Picken709090
Kate Gordon709090
Amy Jaroszkiewicz609090
Denise Waugh608080
Amy Jaroszkiewicz609090
Denise Waugh608080


Tyne Bridge for Harrier League Handicap – Rules and Points allocation

100 bonus points for doing all 8 fixtures

20 points for finishing as a counter

Points for placing (Men)

1st -10th = 100

11th – 20th = 90

21st – 30th = 80

31st – 80th = 70

81st – 130th = 60

131st – 180th = 50

181st – 250th = 40

251st – 320th = 30

321 + = 20


Points for placing (Women)

1st -10th = 100

11th – 30th = 90

31st – 50th = 80

51st – 70th = 70

71st – 90th = 60

91st – 110th = 50

111th – 130th = 40

131st – 150th = 30

151+ = 20


Each athlete also has a fixed number of handicap points for all “Harrier League Fixture, which range from 10 – 100 these are added for each completed race.” There are two none handicapped races where each finishing athlete also gains points towards there final total.

“H/C Points and “”scoring points”” for placing + Counting points”

Bonus points for moving up a pack M – F = 20 S – M = 10

Man of the Match Bonus 20 points Awarded for best performance (not necessarily the fastest run)

Representing the club by Officiating – receive average points to date


The next Harrier League fixture takes place on Saturday, 2nd March, at Alnwick.


Many thanks to David Appleby for updating the tables.

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    • Nick on 12th February 2013 at 19:31
    • Reply

    Is the scoring system still as it was at the start of the season? I want to fully understand my impending victory.

    • Nick on 12th February 2013 at 19:34
    • Reply

    Argh just noticed you get bonus points for doing all 8 I’m doomed! Stupid not joining the club till after the Davison shield!

    • Apples on 13th February 2013 at 15:38
    • Reply

    The majority of elements of the scoring system have remained the same, for example the points for promotion between packs, the base handicap, team counter. We did slightly amend the place points to give a better spread across the much larger fields that the HL has seen this year. These changes were retrospectively applied to the early races in the series so no significant advantages or disadvantages should have been felt. The bonus for doing all 8 is a game clincher, it looks like it’s now down to a three horse race in the men’s series.

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