TBH Goals 2013

At the beginning of this year. Tyne Bridge Harriers athletes set out their running goals for 2013

This table will monitor the progress and hopefully see each and every one achieved by the end of the year. Keep checking back to see how everyone is doing. GOOD LUCK

If you would like to add, amend or update your goals for 2013 please email me at shaun.a.brown@gmail.com


Distance / Goal


Achieved / Event


Alan Wallace 5K Sub 18.40    
  10K Sub 40    
  10mi Sub 40    
  HM Sub 1.30    
  Coniston trail marathon Sub 4:00    
Alex Battersby 10k Sub 50    
  HM Sub 1:50    
  Attend club every Thursday      
Alex Lockwood Marathon 03:15    
  Don’t do too much too soon after injury      
  Avoid injury      
  Don’t kick rocks      
Carolina Freeman Injury free and back to full fitness      
Colin Dilks Anticlockwise Bob Graham Round      
Daniel Birchall Remain injury free      
Darryl Davison Beat Paul Hilton      
  5k Sub 17    
  Not to run further than 10k   Morpeth 11k 01Jan  
Dave Antill 5k Sub 19    
  10k Sub 40    
David Beech The Spine Race Complete    
  Bob Graham Round Complete    
  Paddy Buckley Round Complete    
Elspeth Lawson Come down to the club and do it      
Emma Wright Marathon Sub 4:00    
Gail Allen  Illness and injury free      
Guy Rintoul 5k 20 Winter GP 6  19.54
  10k 40    
  HM 01:25    
  Marathon 03:30    
Henrik Aicher Stay healthy and maintain my weight      
James Claudio Knox 5k Sub 19    
  10k Sub 40    
  HM Sub 95    
John Tollit Complete races up the highest mountains in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland      
  Marathon Sub 3:15    
Jonathan Frith 5k Sub 20    
  10k Sub 40    
  HM Sub 90    
  3 duathlons and 1 triathlon Complete    
  Be alive at the end of HellRunner      
Keith Rooney Not to fall over on Town Moor      
  10k 45    
Kenny Mac 800m Sub 2.10    
  1500m Sub 4.20    
  3k Steeplechase 10.4    
  5k 16.3    
  10k 34.3    
  HM 01:15    
Kevin Cheetham 5k Sub 22    
  10K Sub 46    
Kevin Jeffress 10k Sub 34    
  HM Sub 1:15    
  Marathon Sub 2:45    
  Do a parkrun      
Kym Eden 5k 20    
  10k 45    
  HM 01:44    
Layla Osselton Advance from group 5 to 4      
Lizzy Clamp 5k clsoe to 22    
  10k close to 45    
  First Half Complete    
Mark Fenwick 800 1.55    
  3000 8.59    
  5k 15.49 Winter GP6 15:46
  10k 32    
  HM 01:12:59    
Mark Jackson HM Sub 1:27 Ponteland 84:04
  Marathon Sub 3:30    
Mick Hancock 5k Sub 22    
  10k Sub 45    
  HM 01:45    
Nick Pearson 5k Sub 20    
  10k Sub 40    
  HM Sub 100 Ponteland 1:35:00
  Marathon Sub 3:30    
Nick Varley 5k Sub 19    
  10k Sub 40    
  HM Sub 90    
  Marathon 03:30    
Penny Wilmott Remain injury free      
Pip Nichol 10k Sub 45    
  5k Sub 20    
  Marathon Sub 4:00    
  Year on running streak      
Ryan Hogben 10k 45    
  HM 90    
  Marathon Sub 4 Sevilla  03:59:56
  Hell Runner Complete    
Sara Sedgley Keep training and do more races      
Scott Wilkinson 5k Sub 25    
  HM 02:15    
  Advance to group 4      
Sean Kelly Beat Kenny once      
Shaun Brown 5k Sub 17  Winter GP 6  16.55
  10k Sub 37    
  HM Sub 85    
  Marathon Sub 3:10    
Simon Pryde Run the Marathon Des Sables without dying or shitting himself      
Sinead Coffey Get some harder training in and hopefully reap some benefits in races      
Sophie Marr 10k Sub 40    
Sparrow Morley 800 1.56    
  3000 9    
  5k 15.5    
  10k 32    
  HM 01:13    
  Marathon 02:45    
Stephanie McFarlane 5k Sub 25    
  10k Sub 60    
  HM Sub 2:10    
Tim Hawkins 5k Sub 21    
  HM Sub 1:40    
  Marathon Complete    
Vicki Deritis HM Sub 2:10    
  New ParkRun PB      
Neil Capstick
5k (NCL Pakrun) Sub 22 NCL Pakrun 21:55
  HM Sub 1:47 Ponteland 1:40:13
  Marathon Sub 3:50    
Rob Kirtley HM Sub 90    

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  1. There are some fantastic targets here and I sincerely wish everyone the best in achieving their goals.
    Simon (Pryde), if you do soil yourself during the race, please, please don’t mention it in your race report :-) and Shaun (Brown), if you run sub 17 for 5k I’d expect sub 36 for 10k and closer to 1:20 for the half. Not that I’m putting any pressure on you ;-)

      • Shaun on 5th January 2013 at 20:17
      • Reply

      I’ll give it a go but I can’t promise anything

    • on 6th January 2013 at 16:16
    • Reply

    I was erm joking about the marathon :P

      • Shaun Brown on 7th January 2013 at 09:57
      • Reply

      Sorry Sparrow, this is actually a legally binding document. I’ve signed you up for the 2013 running of this one https://www.tynebridgeharriers.com/2012/09/15/jungfrau-marathon-9th-september-2012/ … good luck

    • Simon Pryde on 6th January 2013 at 17:14
    • Reply

    I will also give it a go but can’t promise anything…. I like to be detailed in my race reports. Sparrow, joke or not…. get it done!!

    • kenny mac on 6th January 2013 at 23:31
    • Reply

    Kevin Cheetham asked me to help with some goals and based on his vast improvement going from just under 30 minutes for 5k in Sept 2012 to getting 24.02 at Parkrun on Saturday I nominate the following goals

    1/ Sub 22 mins for 5k

    2/ Sub 46 mins for 10k

    Keep up the hard work, move up through the training groups and you will get these goals

      • Shaun Brown on 7th January 2013 at 09:58
      • Reply

      Will add these to the sheet when I get home tonight

    • Scotty on 11th March 2013 at 19:28
    • Reply

    Ryan Hogben has achieved his sub 4hr marathon.

      • on 13th March 2013 at 15:16
      • Reply

      Updated, congratulations Ryan. Great result!

  2. Hey – sub-20 5K achieved at the last Winter GP for me :)

      • on 13th March 2013 at 15:17
      • Reply

      Excellent, well done Guy… that pb will tumble this year!

    • Scotty on 6th April 2013 at 19:59
    • Reply

    Progression to Group 4 achieved for me! :)

    • Scotty on 29th April 2013 at 20:37
    • Reply

    Sub 25 min 5k achieved on 20.04.03.

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