Newcastle Xmas parkrun results


When it got to 8:30am on Christmas morning and the only people at Newcastle parkrun were myself, Ian Kirtley (Newcastle Event Director) and a couple other volunteers, we began to wonder whether anybody would be turning up to run, especially as the constant drizzle had washed away any hopes of a white christmas.

But as is usually the case at N’cle parkrun, the closer it got to the 9:00am starting time, the more people were appearing on the Moor, and by the time the run got underway an incredible 135 people had turned out. And if that wasn’t pleasing enough as a regular parkrun volunteer, it was equally as pleasing as a Tyne Bridge Harrier to see so many other members taking part. In fact, out of the 135 attendees, there were 27 club runners, including the entire Parkin family. Well done to everyone who ran and many congratulations to all those who recorded a PB.

On a personal level, I would like to thank every member who took part in this very special event and for making my Christmas Day begin on such a high note.


1David Beech17:03
4Shaun Brown17:58PB
12Stephen Barker19:16
13Rob Wishart19:17
14Stephen Dixon19:26
15John Tollitt19:32
24Tony Carter20:13
26Euan Clubbs20:16
43James Knox21:30PB
46Lucy Matheson21:41
57Chris Parkin22:45PB
61Phillippa Nichol23:00
66Megan Parkin23:44
71Kerry Reed24:17
72John Hurse24:18
73Ryan Hogben24:271st Timer
74Kevin Cheetham24:28PB
94Anji Close26:07
96Gemma Brady26:17PB
101Rebecca Parkin26:46PB
103Gillian Parkin26:48PB
105Nicola Brady27:10
110Scott Wilkinson28:29PB
114Stephanie McFarlane28:53PB
115Kate Gordon28:58
122Sara Sedgley29:56
123Vicki Deritis30:18

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    • RobW on 30th December 2012 at 19:02
    • Reply

    cheers DD for the regular volunteering. Get involved folks, parkrun only happens thanks to volunteers and it’s good fun to do when you’re resting/injured/hungover.
    Also great experience for when we hold the Bridges of the Tyne race again!

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