107th North East Cross Country Championships

As 2012 draws to a close, Tyne Bridge Harriers are ending the year in fine style by recording yet another remarkable result.

Competing in the 107th NE Cross Country Championships, held at Summerhill Country Park, Hartlepool, the Men’s team consisting of Tony Carter, Simon Kristiansen, Louis Goffe, Rob Clark, Kenny Mac and David Beech finished in 2nd place (behind Morpeth Harriers) and were each awarded a silver medal for their efforts.

But while congratulations go to the six winning team members, a special mention must go the other competing members and supporters whom all contributed towards a fantastic afternoon for the club.


thanks to Sinead Coffey for the photograph


For a club in it’s second year of existence to finish runners up in such a prestigious competition is an amazing achievement and everyone involved with the club should be mightily proud.

Men’s results.


1944:08Tony Carter
2544:58Simon Kristiansen
2945:28Louis Goffe
3746:20Rob Clark
4346:48Matty Tomlinson (N/C)
4847:11David Beech
6248:22Paul Hilton
6348:24David Daniels
6848:36David Moir
8349:52Keith Smith
8850:08Mark Hall
12952:30Simon Pryde
13152:30Sean Kelly
14153:07Rob Wishart
15253:36Mark Reynolds
22957:57Alex Lockwood
25059:20Micky Baker
26860:58Guy Rintoul
27361:24Nick Pearson
28963:03Ron Murray
29363:18Tim Hawkins
29463:23Stuart Dickson



Team results.


1Morpeth Harriers & AC753+4+5+14+16+33
2Tyne Bridge Harriers19819+25+29+37+40+48
3Sunderland Harriers & AC21017+21+28+41+50+53
4Gateshead Harriers & AC2127+13+15+30+65+82
5New Marske Harriers Club2241+8+10+36+45+124
6Durham City Harriers & AC37212+24+39+76+103+118
7Jarrow & Hebburn AC42011+46+72+73+106+112
8Elswick Harriers46523+31+66+81+128+136
9Billingham Marsh Hse H & AC49926+49+69+80+132+143
10North York Moors AC52018+77+93+96+117+119
11South Shields Harriers & AC54454+84+85+92+109+120
12Low Fell RC58358+70+91+102+127+135
13Birtley AC60522+59+110+125+139+150
14North Shields Polytechnic Club65227+56+99+105+180+185
15Wallsend Harriers & AC75047+114+134+144+145+166
16Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers77071+95+113+154+162+175
17Middlesbrough & Cleveland H7879+75+151+170+186+196
18Sedgefield Harriers79178+79+94+133+203+204
19Elvet Striders92161+137+160+168+195+200
20Sunderland Strollers98235+101+183+199+216+248
21Heaton Harriers & AC99474+104+122+167+179+348
22Houghton Harriers & AC107489+146+158+182+227+272
23Blackhill Bounders117452+138+157+228+290+309
24Blyth Running Club125160+153+236+238+278+286
25Saltwell Harriers1289107+140+202+221+274+345
26Quakers Running Club1317159+184+210+240+254+270
27Derwentside AC1388100+156+267+282+283+300
28Aycliffe Running Club1411165+178+214+252+292+310
29Claremont Road Runners1476108+225+234+247+325+337
30Aurora Harriers1546163+241+243+284+297+318



Ladies results.


2340m10sSophie MARR
3842m38sKym EDEN
8748m51sLisa WALKER
9250m02sJulie SHAW
10753m15sSinead COFFEY



Team results.


1Middlesbrough Athletic Club (Mandale)81+3+4
2Morpeth Harriers & AC377+10+20
3Durham City Harriers & AC656+19+40
4Heaton Harriers & AC7912+18+49
5Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers948+25+61
6Darlington H & AC10122+24+55
7South Shields Harriers & AC10329+31+43
8North Shields Polytechnic Club10611+32+63
9Wallsend Harriers & AC1105+48+57
10Gateshead Harriers & AC11527+36+52
11Sunderland Strollers11728+39+50
12Elswick Harriers1199+34+76
13Tyne Bridge Harriers14823+38+87
14Blyth Running Club14935+56+58
15Elvet Striders16037+54+69
16Middlesbrough & Cleveland H16017+53+90
17Sedgefield Harriers16342+51+70
18Billingham Marsh Hse H & AC23771+82+84
19New Marske Harriers Club24033+102+105
20Sunderland Harriers & AC29386+103+104


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    • Apples on 9th December 2012 at 10:02
    • Reply

    Another unbelievable achievement in the short history of this fantastic club. If you are unaware of how significant the achievement actually is just have a word with one of the old timers who have been around the running scene for a while. Congratulations to everybody who played a part, no matter how small.

    • Big Ron on 10th December 2012 at 12:10
    • Reply

    Fantastic result on Saturday and I was proud to be part of it. Everyone who ran should be equally proud as this was probably the most difficult course conditions I’ve ever ran. Mud glorious mud all the way and it has cost me a new pair of spikes as the ones I wore on Saturday just gave up even looking like a running spike, not only did I lose three spikes on one shoe, but also the unit into which they are put and the other shoe split half way across the sole! Even after 28 years of running, I still try to believe that I’ll reap the benefits from this next summer. Time will tell!

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