Pier to Pier Race – 20th May 2012

Almost 1000 runners finshed this years race, superbly hosted by Sunderland Strollers, and thankfully for the large contingent of runners, the poor weather of late relented (for a day at least) to provide them with some sunshine, a bit warmth and a welcoming North Easterly tail wind.

Starting on the beach adjacent to South Shields pier, the race made it way along the coastline, taking in the clifftops past Marsden Grotto and Souter Lighthouse, before joining Seaburn promendade and eventually finishing on the beach next to Sunderland pier (approximate race distance 6.85M).

Having missed this race for the previous two years (due to it clashing with the Edinburgh Marathon), I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the event, as the different terrain makes for a fascinating run. The fact you also receive crisps and chocolate at the end of the race also has a bearing on why I like this race so much. And if the sweets were ample reward for the run, the finishers also received a nifty More-Mile back-pack (handy to carry the goodies in as I ran back to South Shields after the run with LLLEEEEESSSSS Smith).

I would defintely recommend this great race to others and hope I’m available to run it next year too.

Well done to my fellow club mates for completing the run and congratulations to Sparrow on his Top 10 finish.

Club results are below and full results can be found here http://www.sunderlandstrollers.co.uk/p2p2012.txt

Provisional results: Pier to Pier race Sunday 20th May 2012 Supported by Brooks/Northern Runner

Pos – Name – Time

1  Luke Adams (South Shields) 37:01

9  Sparrow Morley 39:04

21 David Daniels 41:49

54 John Tollitt  44:54

58 Peter Kennedy 45:06

79 Stephen Dixon 46:29

132 Daniel Birchall 49:20

649 Janine Swail 64:22

662 Kate Meek 64:53

741 Stephanie McFarlane 68:10

749 Siban Mullinger 68:31

834 Vicki Deritis 73:12

905 Davina Reay 90:16


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    • Stephen Dixon on 21st May 2012 at 12:51
    • Reply

    That’s way off my time. I ran in about a minute after Peter Kennedy, about 46 something.

    1. Hi Stephen, can you remember what your race number was?

        • Paul Hilton on 21st May 2012 at 16:59
        • Reply

        Stephen Dixon’s time was 46.29, he has just posted it on my Wall on FB.

  1. I’ll definitly give this ona a go next year. Like DD I think I’ve always had a clash with Edinburgh.

    • dan b on 22nd May 2012 at 11:20
    • Reply

    I ran it too (maybe a little under the radar), as a bit of a ‘sighter’. It’s possibly my favourite race of the year, after Blaydon. Would definitely recommend it (unless running into a strong headwind, like last year…)

    • on 22nd May 2012 at 20:00
    • Reply

    This is perhaps the most enjoyable race you can do in the North East (Though competition from Great North and Blaydon is intense!). Always an awesome prize for finishers. Well organised, marshaled and love the crisps and mars bar + juice at the end.

    • Double D on 22nd May 2012 at 20:43
    • Reply

    I hope our race committee are paying attention. Bung some crisps and chocolate in the goodie bag and you can’t go wrong ;-)

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