North Tyneside 10K : Race Report

Vikki Waugh completed her very first 10K Road Race today in the North Tyneside 10K, and has sent this brilliant report.

My First 10K

Vikki Waugh

Since joining TBH last May, I am often mistaken for being older than I am. This meant that for every race on the calendar, I was frequently asked if I was taking part, but with the age limit usually being 16 and over, I wasn’t allowed to participate. So when my mam (Denise Waugh) informed me of the North Tyneside 10K, my immediate reaction was that I would not be old enough. However the age limit on this race was 15 and I jumped at the opportunity to run and wear my TBH vest.

As the morning of the 10K approached, the butterflies began to flutter in my stomach and although I had several training runs under my belt, I was starting to doubt whether I would be able to reach my target of under 55 minutes. However with my mam’s nagging, I mean tactics, I began to feel more confident.

This was it, Tyne Bridge were out in force and the sea of black and white vests covered the 2000 plus runners at the starting line. The crowd of runners was a new experience for me and although it was slightly claustrophobic, the atmosphere was incredible. As the countdown started to mark the beginning of the race, all the anxiety went and I told myself I was going to enjoy this regardless of how well I ran.

Even though I had been warned numerous times to not start off too fast, I did, and ended up exhausted before reaching the first hill! As I approached the first hill I thought of Kenny Mac‘s wise words “Keep your head down and drive the arms and legs. Don’t try and beat the hill, just carry on running.” These helped as I found myself over taking several people on the inclines and with the fantastic support of Jimmy Turnbull and Ron Murray I managed to reach the top.

Normally around the 3 mile mark people would be feeling rough, however Vanessa Lawrence maintained a quick pace and continued to draw out a big gap between us. My body began to tire from the quick start and the hills but I kept thinking to myself ‘it’s one more Parkrun to the finish, you can do it’. Unfortunately around the 4 mile mark, my left calf, which I’ve had previous injuries with, went and I knew the last 2 and a quarter miles were going to be tough.

The minutes began to drag and the further I ran, the worse I felt. Reaching the 5 mile mark meant the finish was in sight, and although the lighthouse can be seen from miles back, it was beginning to seem closer. The great encouragement from Dave Anderson, Jane Lowes and Penny Whitmore and trying to avoid sneaky photography from Rob Kirtley both helped me push myself onto the home straight! As I looked at my watch, I knew it was possible for me to achieve my target of under 55 minutes if I pushed the last 200 metres. I ran my legs out to the finish line and as I looked at my watch, whilst stumbling dizzily around the finish, I was elated to discover I had ran 54.40; this meant I had reached my target and set myself a good PB.

After the race it was astounding to see the amount of Tyne Bridge who had both ran or supported the race. This and the large quantity of PB’s from the runners highlighted to other clubs the true talent and welcoming ethos of Tyne Bridge.

The next 10K I do, I am hoping to get under 54 minutes and with the experience now under my belt, I believe it could be very achievable! Well done to all who ran and supported today, it makes me proud to be a Tyne Bridge Harrier!

Vikki Waugh

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    • on 9th April 2012 at 00:06
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    Nice one Vicky, 20s to spare!

    • Sean Kelly on 9th April 2012 at 04:38
    • Reply

    Wonderful report Vikki. You will take a lot of lessons from this race. It’s really difficult to pace it correctly with the steep down hill stretch in the first mile. I saw runners ahead of me in the first half-mile who paid the price and died after a couple of miles. Mind you, I crawled across the finish line myself!

    You will have gained a lot of confidence from completing this one and can use it in future races. This was Tony Carter’s first ever 10k race and he’s done pretty well since then!

    • Danielle on 9th April 2012 at 07:32
    • Reply

    Great report! Glad you enjoyed it :) and well done on your time!

    • Apples on 9th April 2012 at 08:08
    • Reply

    A brilliant report Vikki, it really captured the emotions that go with starting your first big race. I’m sure you will go from strength to strength after this and the PB’s will tumble. Really well done.

    • Cuthbert on 9th April 2012 at 10:57
    • Reply

    Ace report Vikki – well done on both your first 10k and your debut race report. Looking forward to many more of both in the future as the times tumble. :-)

    • Paul Hilton on 9th April 2012 at 12:00
    • Reply

    Congratulations Vikki , on your 1st Senior race and your 1st report. You will be able to look at this in years to come and say “look at me then” .

    • Double D on 9th April 2012 at 15:39
    • Reply

    Although I can’t quite remember exactly, there’s a %99.9 chance that come Easter morning when i was 15, the only 10k i would have been tackling was the 10 kilo weight in chocolate eggs. A fabulous report, to follow a fabulous performance. With Vikki and Lewis in our ranks, the future of the club looks very promising.

    • John Tollitt on 9th April 2012 at 17:46
    • Reply

    Great report and great run Vikki, you certainly looked strong and relaxed at the finish. It’s easy to forget how a big event like the North Tyneside 10k can be a bit overwhelming, but you coped with it brilliantly. Your next race will be easier and your times will come tumbling down.

    • Anji on 9th April 2012 at 19:17
    • Reply

    Well done Vikki, fantastic work x

    • Big Ron on 9th April 2012 at 19:33
    • Reply

    Great report Vikki a,d well done, you achieved your target running with an injury so just think what you could do injury free on a flat course and with the experience of this race behind you.

    Well done to everyone else who ran on Sunday and to the PBs gained, shows that with the right training and training partners just waht can be achieved.

    • kenny mac on 9th April 2012 at 22:02
    • Reply

    Victoria I think you are capable of sub 50, be optimistic, you can and will do it

    • Denise on 10th April 2012 at 20:45
    • Reply

    Fantastic report and great running. You’ve worked really hard at your running in recent months and it has paid off. Well done Victoria.

    • Steve A on 10th April 2012 at 23:34
    • Reply

    Well done Vikki, this is an excellent report, and you had a fantastic run, remember when you first came to club and think were you are now!

    • michelle on 11th April 2012 at 12:49
    • Reply

    great report,and very well done on your run!!!!

    • Lynne Cornell on 11th April 2012 at 14:30
    • Reply

    Fantastic report and many congratulations on your great run.

    • Diane on 14th April 2012 at 18:49
    • Reply

    Well done. First of many x

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