TBH parkrun Winter GP Race 5 Coming Up

Saturday, 4th February 2012, is the date for the fifth and penultimate race in Tyne Bridge Harriers’ Winter parkrun Series.

The series of six races, held on the first Saturday of each month throughout winter, runs in conjunction with Newcastle parkrun, and the club member with the highest combined points total at the end of the series will be announced the winner.

Points are awarded depending on your age grading result, so if you get an age grading of 68.7% that would be 68.7 points.

As it currently stands, it’s virtually a straight shoot-out between Dave Appleby and Graham King. There is a chance however for John Hurse or Alan Wallace to theoretically pip them both.

The final race in the series will be held on the 10th March so as not to conflict with the NEHL Meeting in Alnwick

The current points table looks like this

TBH parkrun winter series 2011-2012

01David Appleby80.6579.8478.2677.0176.8878.12470.76
02Graham King76.8374.6671.3669.7476.0473.58442.21
03Alan Wallace64.7160.1856.7861.25242.92
04John Tollitt74.8377.5676.54228.93
05Chris Graham63.2966.1064.77194.16
06John Hurse68.8462.758.25189.79
07Victoria Waugh62.0059.8857.91179.79
08Vicki Deritis55.7656.2155.72167.69
09Kate Meek53.9156.0157.51167.43
10Daniel Birchall76.1876.52152.70
11Sparrow Morley76.2673.64149.90
12Catherine Amos71.6171.73143.34
13Rob Wishart69.2370.02139.25
14Rob Kirtley67.6570.68138.33
15Dave Young66.2667.76134.02
16Carolina Freeman66.4265.4131.82
17Scott McNab65.6064.79130.39
18Alex Lockwood63.0765.02128.09
19Megan Parkin60.1263.31123.43
20Chris Parkin58.2661.76120.02
21Penny Wilmott58.3157.76116.07
22Davina Reay44.0544.3688.41
23Peter Kennedy76.2676.26
24Dave Daniels74.6674.66
25Jordan Mullinger74.3174.31
26Catherine Willis69.5369.53
27Simon Pryde69.3169.31
28Emma Moir66.8366.83
29Shaun Brown66.4466.44
30Anji Close66.2266.22
31Mark Prendergast65.9865.98
32Gavin Townsend65.1565.15
33Denise Waugh64.5864.58
34Caroline Clapp64.2164.21
35Michael Duff63.563.50
36Darryl Davison62.7762.77
37Andy Lisle62.1262.12
38Donna Scott59.7659.76
39Christopher Murther58.0258.02
40Keith Rooney57.2457.24
41Jude Smith55.9155.91
42Imran Mohammed53.6053.60
43Louis Goffe52.7452.74
44Meagan Walsh52.2752.27
45Danielle Rutherford51.2751.27
46Kerry McAndrew50.7750.77
47Vanessa Lawrence49.5849.58
48Joanne Lee48.9848.98
49Kelly Spence45.3145.31
50Diane Pringle41.7541.75

The series of races is open to all club members but you must be registered with parkrun (see www.parkrun.org.uk/register/registerukform) in order to obtain a recorded time for the 5k event.

Please wear Tyne Bridge Harriers club vest if possible for this race

See you there !

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    • Double D on 31st January 2012 at 11:56
    • Reply

    That sounds like a challenge to me, running parkrun in the morning and then cross country at lunch-time. But then again, following Kenny’s, Sparrow’s and Jack’s success at the Norman Woodcock, surely this should be the norm for the entire club ;-)

      • on 31st January 2012 at 13:43
      • Reply

      you just KNOW that someone is going to do it !! .. wonder who it / they will be?

      • Apples on 31st January 2012 at 21:03
      • Reply

      Just a minor point of clarification, it was stated in the original announcement of the Winter series that as a result of the fixture clash, the last race would be the 10th March.


        • on 31st January 2012 at 23:22
        • Reply

        well spotted Dave..

        I love our website.. it so informative !! :-)

        I’m gonna have to change all that text now LOL

          • Apples on 1st February 2012 at 07:23
          • Reply

          Exactly Shades, best website there is.

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