The 12 Dave’s Of Christmas #10 – ‘Dave’ Murray

It’s almost Christmas !! .. and we continue the countdown with one of TBH’s respected club athletes who is more than proud to wear the Black N White TBH Vest (as long as there is a little bit of red in it).. Mr ‘Dave’ Murray

'Dave' Murray

I know I’m not a Dave but my brother is so I suppose that half qualifies me!

I was your proverbial coach potato until January 1987. I had given up smoking the previous October after twenty odd years and thought I was fit, ha ha. My youngest son was then running for Wallsend and I attended his training sessions. The senior sprinters and Lisa Walker persuaded me to try running and my first run was 1 lap of the route from Wallsend Sports centre taking in Appletree Drive, Benfield road etc. Roughly 5k in a very impressive 39 minutes with lots of stops along the way.

So I decided that I wasn’t fit and was determined to put that right. I joined the club and within weeks I had the running bug. My first race was the Berwick Walls 10k in 47 minutes including 5 times up the hill from the river to the walls behind the railway station. I was hooked well and truly and gradually improved my times. My best performances were

Blaydon 1997, 91st in 33:35
Great Scottish Run 1997 – 123 in 1:18:23 (over 15,000 in this race)
Wallsend Club champs 1998 10k in 35:34 (This being twice around the route of my first ever run) member of winning vets team at NE road relays champs 1999

I have raced many times over the years with plenty of performances of which I am proud and some less so but, taking into account some of the medical problems I’ve had over the years and the fact that I am now 60 years young, then I’m not dong too bad for an old un!

I decided towards the end of 2010 that I needed a new challenge to re-motivate me and after much deliberation (those who know me know what I mean) decided to join Tyne Bridge Harriers. I have many friends there, some new and some not so new and the spirit within the club is obvious to all who attend the weekly sessions.

I am now enjoying my running again (35 to 40 miles per week) but really need to be more positive about this and my goal for the new year is to enter more races that I have done of late.

‘Dave’ Murray

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    • Paul Hilton on 23rd December 2011 at 06:51
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    The ‘biggest’ of the Daves – Big Ron ,is a huge member in our club and I know he has ran well below the hour for 10m as well. Always there to give advice and pass on his knowledge to others , even good advice to young Ryan Hall- sometimes.

    By the way Ron, rumours are going round that you only have 1 pair of shorts, prove us wrong by wearing a black/white pair.

    All the best .

    • on 23rd December 2011 at 07:40
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    Ron is a fantastic member of TBH. As paul says, he has a wealth of knowledge & experience to call upon and is always happy to offer words of advice and encouragement. I was really pleased when Ron decided to join Tyne Bridge and it’s excellent to see him getting back on form. He is a real team player and is dedicated to both the sport of running and TBH as a club.. Cheers Ron

    all the very best for 2012

    • kenny mac on 23rd December 2011 at 08:08
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    Dave I know you are the leader of a small cell of Mackems within our club and the fact that you run in the black and white says a lot of the persuasive power of David Daniels etc.

    As a Dundee Supporter I could never wear the tangerine and black of Dundee United, horrible despicable creatures so I know the journey you have taken to wear the black and white.

    I have always listened to the advice and support of Mr Murray and he has been a rock to all at TBH this year.

    Nil desperandum Auspice Deo

    • Denise on 23rd December 2011 at 09:58
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    Ron, you certainly made the right decision when you joined TBH. Your experience and advice have been beneficial to everyone at the club. Good luck with your running in 2012 and thanks for your support this year.

    • david rowe on 23rd December 2011 at 11:45
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    Great report ron. Its always good to see you at training because I know its going to be a funny night. Get entering those races!.

    • Deka on 23rd December 2011 at 11:53
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    when the news came out that big Ron was joining TBH i know it was a massive lift
    for everyone at our club. Ron once told me that he has never ran over the 1hour 30 min mark for a half marathon which tells you how really good Ron is i wish Ron and family all the best for 2011

    • Deka on 23rd December 2011 at 11:58
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    Sorry 2012

    • Double D on 23rd December 2011 at 14:11
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    as much as we’d all like to be viewed as good a runner, it’s surely nicer to be viewed as a good person, and as the above comments show, Ron is one of the nicest guys we’ve all had the pleasure to know.
    And if you’re lucky enough to be on Ron’s emailing list, you’re guaranteed some cracking stuff.
    All the best for 2012 Ron and if you’re racing at least once a month I’ll be on your case.

  1. Hi Dave Murray – did you not play lead guitar for Iron Maiden, or was that your brother ?

    Great report Big Dave, can’t wait to see who gets the 12th day!!

    Dave Moir the 2nd Dave of Christmas

    • Michelle Charlton on 3rd January 2012 at 13:24
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    Hey Ron.wishing you and your family a happy new year. I have to admit if it wasn’t for the encouragement and persistance of Ron I probably would’nt have got this far with running and would never have joined TBH.He has always been on hand with useful information and encouragement at every turn. A big Thank-you Ron,…..

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