Competition Time :-)

COMPETITION TIME: we ALL love Brians Pies .. so this competition is Pie related and also going on from what Deka said about putting a pie on the website.

Well… there IS a pie on the website.. the question is…… WHERE is the pie?..

In 7 months we have accumulated quite alot of posts because we are such a happening club !!! .. somewhere in one of those posts.. there is a pie.

The winner of the competition will be the first club member to email me at and tell me where the pie is.

Obviously.. it’s not a full size pie infact it is quite small.. so get your eyes peeled or your pyes eeled and get hunting. It could be hiding anywhere on the page. It is not hidden just small. If you find it you can click on it and it will reveal itself in all it’s pie glory :-)

THE PRIZE to the winner is a FREE entry into the Jelly Tea Race on 4th September.

Good Luck !!

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  1. Hi Rob, Putting “Pie” in the search engine doesn’t seem to work (it must be full or something) – can you get on and fix that, but let me know when it’s done first ?

    • on 5th August 2011 at 09:24
    • Reply

    no.. :-)

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