A long time ago…Prague

We’re skipping back five years to May 2015, and revisiting the Prague Marathon. Completing a marathon is always a special occasion, but for Steve and Mary Pattison, that year’s Prague Marathon was memorable in more ways than one.   Volkswagen Prague Marathon Sunday 3rd May 2015 Report by Steve Pattison   Back in January I …

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TBH Running Challenges

With things the way they are, you could be forgiven for slipping into the routine of doing the same run, along the same route, at the same pace, at the same time of day for the duration of the lockdown. And although there’s nothing wrong with that (it’s sure beats sitting on your behind all …

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A long time ago…Warrington

Following the positive response to the ‘beach videos’ posted here a few weeks ago, we have another vintage video to enjoy. Filmed in 2011 at the 6 & 4 Stage Road Relay Championships in Warrington, the video features several current members and all I’ll say is, ‘haven’t they aged well!‘ Full credit to Rob Kirtley …

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A long time ago…London (pt II)

Did you watch the highlights programme of the first London Marathon? Or take part in the 2.6 Challenge? Either way, I’m sure you were inspired to do a marathon yourself (my advice, count to ten and seriously reconsider that thought – DD) And as a reminder to what an amazing event the London Marathon is, we …

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A long time ago…London

Sadly, the London Marathon, which was due to take place this Sunday (26th April), has been postponed until later in the year. But if there’s a silver lining for those missing out on Sunday, it’s the fact the atmosphere at the rescheduled event is sure to be the best ever, celebrating not only the race …

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TBH Virtual Relay Race – Result

With the nation under lockdown, and all ‘real’ sporting events suspended for the foreseeable future, this week saw TBH hold a virtual club relay race.  Three teams competed over four days (Monday – Thursday), with each team member completing one leg of 20 minutes duration, and the team that accumulated the greatest distance over the …

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A long time ago…Nice

Nice to see you, to see you Nice. Our next trawl through the club archives sees us jumping back to April 2015, and a report from the European Boy Bands convention. No, my mistake, it’s a report from the Nice Half Marathon.     NICE Half Marathon Sunday, 26th April 2015 Report by Arnaud Albertini   …

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parkrun challenge: 18th April 2020

As we all know, parkrun events are currently suspended because cafe’s have ran out of cake and coffee. But that doesn’t mean we can’t run parkun in the virtual world (this virtual world is a mighty busy place at the moment). The premise behind this challenge was to count the number of members who ran/walked …

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A long time ago…Paris

For our next visit to the club archives, we’re travelling back to March 2012 to read about the Paris Half Marathon. But we haven’t got one race report. Oh no. We don’t even have two race reports to digest. In fact we’ve got three race reports, all from the same event, and all belters too. …

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A long time ago…Manchester

With the country currently in lockdown and a return date for club sessions looking likely to be weeks away rather than days, this is an ideal time to go back through the club’s vaults and re-visit old race reports by members. Or in certain cases, race reports by old runners.  The next report we’re looking at …

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A long time ago…Whitley Bay

Continuing the seaside theme, this time we’re popping back to 2012 and re-visiting Kev Jeffress‘s take on the North Tyneside 10K. This was Kev’s first competitive run for TBH, and boy what a debut. Enjoy. North Tyneside 10K Road Race Sunday 8th April 2020 Report by Kev Jeffress   I’d been looking forward to this …

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A long time ago…Tynemouth Longsands

Several members celebrate their birthday today (Tuesday, 7th April), so as way of marking this special occasion I’m featuring a couple of videos which were shot in the early days of the club. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Birthday folks!! Huge thanks to Rob (Shades) Kirtley who produced the …

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A long time ago…Vienna

This weekend (Sunday, 5th April) should have seen the running of the Berlin Half Marathon, but as we all know, sporting events around Europe have been postponed due to the Coronavirus, so the next best thing to running a half marathon is reading about one. I present to you this fine report from Tony Carter. …

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TBH Easter Egg Quiz

Congratulations to Jamie Wilson, who was first to successfully answer this week’s TBH Easter Egg quiz.  The answers are; Tom Charlton Vicky Cuthbertson Jesmond Dene 2 Miles Sandy Anderson Nurishment Active Milk Tynemouth Londsands 1m 10cm Neal Richardson £5

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A long time ago…12 Stage Relays

This weekend should have seen the running of the National 12 & 6 Stage Road Relays, but like everything else at the moment, the event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, we can still saviour this prestigious competition by re-visiting James Dunce’s report from 2015.     National 12-stage Road Relays: Sutton Park, …

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A long time ago…Barcelona

Our next race report was written in 2013 and is from Barcelona (it was written in Heaton actually, but you know what I mean). The club had been going for two years by this point and this report was a real game changer as it was a message to fellow runners to never give up …

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Bridges of the Tyne Race: Cancelled

Unfortunately, we have had to make the very difficult, but probably not surprising, decision to cancel the Bridges of the Tyne 5 Mile Road Race on 7th July 2020.  This is due to the ongoing health concerns surrounding the Covid-19 virus and the uncertainty as to when events will again be allowed to take place …

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A long time ago…Leeds to Liverpool

This time we heading back to August 2015, and Rob Wishart‘s attempt to travel from Leeds to Liverpool. For most people, the trip would be done by car or bus, or even on a bike if they’d felt energetic, but Rob wanted to run it. Solo, and without the aid of GPS. Let’s see how …

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