By Liam Whitelaw 

On Sunday 12 March this year, a total of 21 juniors attended the Birtley Relays – one of the best turn outs we have had at this event! All of the TBH teams taking part achieved outstanding results and the persistence of all was inspiring.  

The day started off well, although an early morning was required, as Mum was helping to organise.  We arrived at around 9.15am, met the Picketts, and, after a short debate, decided to just set up the flag but no tent (phew!).

The weather turned out to be cloudy and a little bit breezy but warm enough to not need my winter ski coat or my extra t-shirt, like I normally do for cross country. 

After we’d got the race numbers and bought cakes for later (before they all ran out!) we set out our small gathering of flag, bags and people.  Runners soon started to arrive and get ready for the morning of races ahead – for the under 11s it was soon spikes and race faces on and warm up, as their race was at 10.15.


U11 Girls: 

5th overall – total time 20.08. 

Maybn Goffe (6:10) Bethan Pickett (7:01) Cara Ricci (6:57)

U13 Boys: 

4th overall – total time 18:30 

Jack Whitelaw (5:55) Henry Pickett (5:53) Ernie Bigg (6:42) 

U13 Girls: 

11th overall – total time 20:37 

Melina Bourgenot-Lewis (6:40) Eliza Palmer (6:40) Grace Holliday-Smart (7:17) 

13th overall – total time 21 minutes 

Anna Carr (6:32) Kate Whitehouse (7:35)  Florence Snaith (6:53) 

U15/17/20 girls 

8th overall – total time 42:41

Ruby Ditchburn (12:57)  Lucy Nichol (18:55)  Adeline Bourgenot-Lewis (10:49)

U15/17/20 Boys 

4th overall – total time 29:59 

Freddie Palmer (9:25)  Liam Whitelaw (10:31) Isaac Snell (10:03) 

6th overall  – total time 31:55 

Zak Kettle (9:47) Luis Nichol (11:27) Jake Moir (10:21) 

So, in conclusion, the Birtley relays this year gave fantastic results and times that everyone attending should be proud of.  Not only that but the companionship and friendliness shown by parents, coaches and runners alike was lovely to see, as it always is for every race we do.  A well done to all runners taking part and a special thanks to Ian Pickett for organising everything and all the parents for their support. 



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