Covid-19 Update

Whether you’re a regular or an aspiring member, read on to find all the information you need to take part in socially distanced training sessions with TBH, operated to England Athletics and UK Government guidance.

Weekly Sessions

Training sessions are currently held by the group leaders at a variety of locations and times in accordance with the current guidelines. Sessions are limited to six members per group, and members are restricted to one session per week.

All sessions are mixed ability and run according to the ability of the individuals, not the leader so members are encouraged to attend the session that best suits their time and travel arrangements. Dedicated Beginners sessions are also available.

Club members will receive a weekly email informing them of the available sessions and how and where to book.

Due to the restricted numbers, members are limited to one weekly session per week. However, in the event that there are spaces for a session less than 24 hours before, members can sign up for the extra session.

We are currently accepting a limited numbers of new members, if you would like to join us for a trial session, then please use the Try a Session Form.

Saturday Track Sessions

The club is trialing track sessions at Churchill track, Whitley Bay at 9am and 10am on a Saturday morning. Full details are in the weekly members email. As the track is deemed to be a “Covid safe environment”, in line with the current guidelines, the limit of 6 athletes that applies to the other sessions does not apply. All other guidance should be followed.

Members can take part in a track session as well as a weekly session.

Covid Guidance

It is important that you take a few simple steps prior to, during and after a training session to ensure that it is safe and enjoyable for all.  As a runner, you are responsible for yours and your teammate’s safety.

  1. Sessions are only available to senior members of Tyne Bridge Harriers, we can’t accommodate anyone under 18.
  2. Try to select a local training session and travel either on foot, by bike or car.  Try to avoid public transport if at all possible.
  3. Only attend a training session if you have booked on to it using the spreadsheet, don’t turn up on the off-chance you will be able to take part.
  4. If you are feeling at all unwell then do not attend a training session.
  5. Consider if your health and situation put you, or someone you live with, in a more vulnerable category with respect to Covid.  Decide whether it is appropriate for you to take part in group sessions.  Advice is available at
  6. Do not travel to the session with other runners unless you can maintain social distancing.
  7. Wash your hands before and after the training session to reduce any cross contamination.
  8. Listen to the leaders briefing and abide by the 2m rule.  It is not the leader’s responsibility to enforce the 2m rule; it is everyone’s. If you feel others are not sticking to the rules, then say something and do not leave the session without addressing it.
  9. There will not be any toilet facilities at sessions so ensure you are comfortable before you leave the house.
  10. Consider your own safety.  If you suffer an injury or have an accident, how will you get home?
  11. If you have not trained for some time, then take it easy to begin with.  Injuries are much more common if you have had a period of less stressful training.
  12. Do not shake hands or make any physical contact before, during or after the session.
  13. Coronavirus is spread by liquid particles, DO NOT SPIT during the training session and if you need to cough or sneeze, then do this into your elbow.
  14. If you test positive for Covid-19 after a training session, then inform the club and they will inform people you have trained with so they can take appropriate action.

EA Guidance for Group Training

If anyone has a concern or question in relation to the club sessions or the covid-19 precautions please contact a member of the committee.

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