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A round-up of results featuring TBH members.

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Derwent Reservoir 10M Trail Race: Sunday 25th February

1:40.02 Babsy Ewusie

Full results can be found here

Derwent Reservoir 5M Trail Race: Sunday 25th February

35.34 George Mackay

44.18 Amy Harrison

50.32 Gillian Dodson

52.00 Katie Robins

58.00 Faye Slade

Full results can be found here

High Cup Nick Fell Race: Saturday 24th February

1:36.07 Laura Braunholtz

1:40.48 Alison Dargie

Full results can be found here

Royal Signal Relays: Saturday 17th February

Women’s & Men V50 Race

D Moir 13.30, S Kettle 13.42, A Harrison 13.37, J Tollitt 14.51: Total 55.40 (12th)

R Turnbull 14.14, S Marr 14.38, H Dorman 15.07, Z Thompson 13.52: 57.51 (22nd)

J Eaton 13.09, R Naylor 14.27, L Mitchell 15.18, E Pretorious 16.24: 59.18 (28th)

R Harrison 15.28, A Crane 16.12, C Norman 17.10, M Bell 18.58: 1:07.48 (56th)

A Ingles 18.04, E O’Mara 20.31, J Patterson 21.24, R Knox 18.19: 1:18.18 (76th)

Men’s Race

Z Kettle 11.09, T Charlton 11.09, C Braithwaite 11.26, T Wilcock 11.34, L MacPherson 11.28, P O’Mara 11.31: 1:08.17 (5th)

C Huitson 11.59, Sparrow 11.54, P Turnbull 12.19, F Bigg 12.23, L Craciunas 13.36, T Lawrence 12.44: 1:14.55 (18th)

A Tait 13.50, D Tickner 13.45, A Hall 13.43, G Thompson 14.21, W Houghton 14.23, K Primrose 13.27: 1:23.29 (36th)

Full results can be found here

Run Newcastle Valentines 5K: Sunday 11th February

21.34 Georgia Wilding (2nd Senior Female :good: )

Full results can be found here

Run Newcastle Valentines 10K: Sunday 11th February

37.50 James Stewart PB :thumbsup:

45.51 Alison Ennis

51.56 Amy Harrison

56.19 Marie Bell

Full results can be found here

Run Newcastle Valentines Half Marathon: Sunday 11th February

1:31.27 Anthony Tait

2:09.07 Babsy Ewusie (2nd FV40 :good: )

Full results can be found here

Stuart Pailor Memorial (Old Monks) Race: Sunday 11th February

38.03 Paul O’Mara (2nd place :good: )

50.06 John Tollitt (3rd MV60 :good: )

1:11.11 Elaine O’Mara

1:14.47 Vicki Deritis

Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 7th February

4.52 Sparrow Morley

5.49 Anthony Tait

6.58 Erin Austin

8.08 Louise Hey PB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here

Dewsbury 10K: Sunday 4th February

Pos.NameCategoryCategory RankNet TimeOther
8Tom CharltonMSEN8/28732:04:00
38Connor BraithwaiteMSEN27/28733:36:00PB :thumbsup:
67David JohnsonMV3513/20834:20:00
76Paul O’maraMV3515/20834:32:00
121Sparrow MorleyMV3525/20835:40:00
154Christopher HuitsonMV3533/20836:10:00
170Tyler HelmuthMV3536/20836:28:00PB :thumbsup:
176Alasdair BlainMV4026/24436:26:00
290Hannah StewartFSEN13/22338:12:00PB :thumbsup:
344Zoe ThompsonFV354/12938:51:00PB :thumbsup:
349Rebecca BlainFSEN18/22338:53:00
663Rachael PerowneFV457/17442:55:00PB :thumbsup:
768Emily BlackFSEN55/22344:12:00
978Yamuna ThiruFV558/10847:05:00FV55 Club Record :good:
1974Elaine O’maraFV40119/16801:00:49PB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

NEMAA Open XC Championships (Wallsend): Saturday 3rd February

Race 1: Women & Men 65

26.16 Louise Lennox (1st FV50 :good: )

26.54 Heather Dorman (2nd FV50 :good: )

27.42 Rachel Turnbull

30.00 Alison Ennis

31.14 Annette Kelly

33.47 Ria Knox

34.49 Marie Bell

Louise, Heather & Alison 1st FV45 Team :good:

Race 2: Men 35-60

35.09 Paul Turnbull (3rd MV45 :good: )

36.15 David Moir (2nd MV55 :good: )

42.27 Shaun Roberts

44.59 Paul Colver

46.46 David Cornish

Paul, Shaun & Paul 3rd MV45 Team :good:

Full results can be found here

Druridge Bay Beach Trail Race Half Marathon: Sunday 28th January

1:39.55 Carrie Collins

1:41.34 Angus Smith

1:46.58 Simon Barnes

2:02.10 Sammie Buzzard

2:07.27 Alexandra Battersby

2:11.21 Babsy Ewusie

Full results can be found here

Druridge Bay Beach Trail Race 10K: Sunday 28th January

38.47 Tim Wilcock (1st place :good: )

48.51 Nicole Mcintyre (2nd female :good: )

48.58 Erin Fairlamb (3rd female :good: )

1:00.53 James Prescott (2nd MV60 :good: )

1:05.54 Eoghan Quigley

1:13.33 Catherine Williams

Full results can be found here

The Brass Monkey: Sunday 21st January

NameNet TimeCategoryCat PosOther
Christopher Huitson01:17:56353927PB :thumbsup:
Ian Pickett01:19:14454920
Mark Toward01:20:26183472
Alasdair Blain01:20:50404429
Hannah Stewart01:25:31183416 PB :thumbsup:
Kathryn Stevenson01:26:0750542
Rebecca Blain01:26:49183418
Andy Harrison01:26:58505419
Zoe Thompson01:27:5435398 PB :thumbsup:
Stephen Kettle01:31:15555920 PB :thumbsup:
Rachael Perowne01:34:30454914 PB :thumbsup:
Anthony Tait01:36:001834173
Alexandra Battersby01:39:38404431
Adam Scott-Jones01:44:004549115
Yamuna Thiru01:46:34555912FV55 Club Record :good:
Blake Kesic01:46:501834212 PB :thumbsup:
Jen Ricci01:53:03404468
David Curran01:55:533539156
Helen Bell01:56:45505442
James Prescott01:59:34606440
Louise Miller02:05:31404493
Kirsty Nicholson02:12:511834144
Full results can be found here

Newcastle 10K: Saturday 20th January

NameChip TimeCategoryCat PosOther
CRAIG JONES00:33:19V353PB :thumbsup:
SAM WOOD00:34:26Senior Men22PB :thumbsup:
ALEC LAUDER00:36:59Senior Men44PB :thumbsup:
NATHAN CUMMISKEY00:39:56Senior Men79
GRAEME CARR00:42:20V555
GAVIN THOMPSON00:42:28V456 PB :thumbsup:
GEORGIA WILDING00:44:04Senior Female11 PB :thumbsup:
COLIN GILLESPIE00:46:17V4519 PB :thumbsup:
JACOB TURNER00:50:17Senior Men152
AMY HARRISON00:50:41Senior Female54 PB :thumbsup:
STEVEN KEAY00:54:26V6017 PB :thumbsup:
MARK RYLATT00:55:32Senior Men255 PB :thumbsup:
SAMANTHA YOUNG00:57:19Senior Female174
PAUL COLLINS00:58:50V6515 PB :thumbsup:
JOHN HINDMARCH00:59:56V752MV75 Club Record :good:
LAURA CHARLTON01:06:36Senior Female297
Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 10th January

4.42 Sparrow Morley

5.45 Anthony Tait

8.28 Tyrone Murphy

Full results can be found here

NYD Serpentine 10K: Monday 1st January

48.53 Elouise Pretorius ( PB :thumbsup: )

Full results can be found here

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