TBH Juniors: 800m Time Trial

It was our first meeting back at Walker Activity Dome last night (Wednesday, 4th November) and the TBH Juniors ran an 800m Time-Trial so see what level they’re at.


Well done to everyone who took part and I hope to see big improvements when you run the next time-trial :thumbsup:


Dave Moir


Finlay Dorman 00:02:42
Zachary Philip 00:02:55
Amelia Short 00:02:56
Amber Matthews 00:03:01
Anna Dorman 00:03:02
Lilly Hall 00:03:03
Imogen Bungey 00:03:04
Jake Moir 00:03:05
Hannah Cowan 00:03:10
Anna Blenkinsop 00:03:11
Eve Tovey 00:03:13
Joe Eggett 00:03:13
Natasha Walker 00:03:15
Scott Calland 00:03:15
Jessica Walton 00:03:16
Hope Moir 00:03:17
Lauren Bird 00:03:18
William Adams 00:03:20
James Walker 00:03:26
Hannah Cherif 00:03:27
Seth Cherif 00:03:30
Sophie Hawkins 00:03:31
Casey Dixon 00:03:32
Rachel Conway 00:03:35
Katherine Bird 00:03:37
Jack Cowan 00:03:40
Kirsten Dotchin 00:03:41
Alex Pollington 00:03:46
Sydney Bungey 00:03:52
Shay Redall 00:04:38
Sophie Adams 00:04:55
James Snowdon 00:05:10


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