TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial

TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial: Race 4

Newcastle Town Moor

Wednesday 4th July 2018

A big WELL DONE to all the juniors who took part in Race 4 of the TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial.

This was the final race of the year so many thanks to all the coaches, leaders and parents who helped out during the series of races.

Race 4 results

namerace timereal time
Dylan Alilat00:08:2900:08:29
Anna Carr00:09:2200:09:22
Chloe Fraser00:11:1600:08:46
James Simmons00:12:0600:10:36
Isobel Bulmer00:12:2300:11:23
Thomas Williams00:12:2400:07:54
Jake Moir00:12:2500:07:55
Luke Williams00:12:3400:09:34
Zac Batey00:12:3500:08:35
Joe Stainsby00:12:4000:11:10
Lewis Mitchell00:12:4300:09:13
Kieron Wilkinson00:12:4400:07:14
Jake Parker00:12:4500:09:15
Hope Moir00:12:4600:09:16
Abigail Noone00:12:4700:09:17
David Carr00:12:4800:07:48
Natasha Prescott00:12:5200:09:22
Jake Brown00:12:5300:12:53
Elliott Short00:12:5400:08:24
Eve Tovey00:12:5400:07:54
Ruby Colver00:12:5400:07:54
George Murphy00:12:5500:08:25
Isaac Pickett00:12:5500:10:55
Zoe Perowne00:12:5600:09:26
Emily Stainsby00:12:5700:10:57
Luis Nichol00:13:0900:08:09
Zak Kettle00:13:1000:07:10
Alanah Perowne00:13:1700:09:47
Henry Pickett00:13:1800:08:18
Scott Callard00:13:2500:08:55
Amelia Short00:13:2700:07:27
Isaac Barzin00:13:5000:08:50
Poppy Clark00:13:5100:11:21
Poppy Colver00:13:5300:11:23
Kora Howorth00:13:5900:09:59
Harry Snaith00:14:2600:09:26
Will Simmons00:14:3200:09:32
Charlie Blench00:14:5300:09:23
Abigail Fraser00:15:1200:12:42
Calleigh McCulloch00:15:1300:12:43
Florence Snaith00:15:2300:11:53
Joey Mostyn00:17:0300:14:33
Laurence Hattaway00:18:2000:11:20


The 2K T.T. will return in the new term.

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