TBH Juniors – 1 Mile Race

Hello TBH Juniors :bye:

I suppose given the TBH Juniors are officially now on holiday (both from school & the club) and are most likely to be found either away on holiday or in bed sleeping the hours away, the fact we had four members take part in the 1 Mile Race is reason to celebrate on its own.

But such was the competition at the front of the race, it’s unlikely any of the spectators watching the drama unfold will forget this race in a hurry.

From the word ‘GO!’, Jake Moir and Anna Dorman matched each other stride for stride, and it wasn’t until the final 400m that Jake edged ahead of Anna and maintained a slight lead for the remainder of the race, finishing with a terrific time of 6 minutes 5 seconds, against Anna’s time of 6m 07s.

Completing the quartet of runners were Hope Moir (7m 58s) and Laurence Hattaway (9m 05s).

Well done to the four runners and many thanks to everyone who helped during the race.

Hopefully this becomes an annual event and more juniors can run next year.


The race consists of one small lap and one large lap along a  closed section of road at Newburn Riverside Business Park (see map below).

TBH Juniors 1 Mile Race




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