TBH Junior Awards 2019

(Dave’s script from this weekend’s award night)

These awards are a going to juniors who turn up regularly to train and race, and whose consistent efforts are paying off for them.

Our numbers have really taken off this year with us having 80 signed up juniors, we are regularly closing teams in the Harrier league and we’re getting good numbers out at the NEGP, with many club records being broken or claimed.

This coming Summer we have even decided to enter the NEYDL as a composite team with Birtley Harriers, which I feel is an important next step for the junior section.

So I’ll move on to the awards.

First award of the night is for the person who has done more races and training sessions than anyone else in TBH AKA the O11 Girls award. I’ve picked something by her favourite band and this award is for Amber Maynard. (

That was of course Sweet Amber by Metallica

Next up is the person who gets themselves to races and training under their own steam most award (or the O11 boys award). This award goes to our own notorious B.I.G, Fraser Bigg.

Next up is the award for the toughest member of TBH or, the U11 Girls award, and that goes to Florence Snaith.

That was of course, Florence & the Machine – Dog days are over

Next award is a joint award for the toughest member of TBH (or also the U11 girls award) as I couldn’t decide between these 2, and it goes to Poppy Colver

In case you couldn’t work it out, that piece of Music was called I’m Poppy by Poppy

This award is for the most thoughtful sandwich maker for cross countries or U11 Boys award. This award is thoroughly deserved by a true magician of the sandwich world – Mr Henry Pickett

That was of course John Henry (That version being by Bruce Springsteen but other versions are available)

Next award is for the most talking done during a cross country practice session OR Club member of the year – Ruby Colver – Kaiser Chiefs, Ruby

The final junior award of the evening is for person most likely to finish a cross country race with only one shoe or XC Member of the year, and that award goes to My G – Zak Kettle

That was of course The Rum Jacks, with Pot and Kettle

Dave Moir 14-12-19

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