Sign-On Bonus Repayment Agreement Template

If you decide to leave the company before your one-year birthday, you must reimburse the company a proportionate share of the registration premium. Subject/Use Contract – The bonus paid to you depends on the conclusion of a full year of employment. I suggest that you measure the amount you are asking for an early departure on a pro rata basis, to be fair. Maybe you just want to move the bonus one or two payout periods to make sure you have a shape. I called on an employee while I was waiting for an offer from another employer and was leaving after less than 6 weeks. The membership bonus will be paid to you after necessary tax deductions. Please note that the membership bonus paid to you depends on the conclusion of a year with the company. If you leave the company for any reason before concluding a year with the company, this amount will be recovered from you. The membership bonus mentioned above is paid at ________ (date) subject to your membership. By accepting this job offer, you agree to reimburse the Company for the amount of a signing bonus you received if you voluntarily terminate your employment relationship before the first anniversary of the first day of your employment with the Company. Any amount refundable by you under this provision is refundable in full without a proportional deduction for the days you spent in the company`s employment relationship. I thought I obviously didn`t have, and don`t, a few sign-up bonus formulas for a letter of offer.

I need the registration bonus to depend on the fact that I work in the company for a year.

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