Sample Curator Agreement

C. Given the considerable time between the signing of this contract and the actual dates of an exhibitor`s exhibition, the organizer and curator acknowledge that changes to the representatives or staff in Section XVIII may occur in the meantime. The organizer and curator agree to approve or disapprove of possible replacements with representatives or staff without delay and not to refuse such changes inappropriately, provided that the replaced representatives or collaborators are, for the most part, qualified to perform the tasks provided under this agreement as representatives or original staff members. C. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor stipulates that the exhibitor is responsible for all installation costs of the exhibition and that he bears these costs, including, but not only: construction, furniture and exhibition furniture, lighting and graphics. The installation of the works will not take place until all the construction and painting work in the exhibition galleries has been completed. The organizer provides a checklist and other electronically transmitted manuscript media, which are used by the exhibitor to make their own object and introductory/explanatory text labels in their preferred format. However, the content of the exhibition texts cannot be modified or revised by the exhibitor without the written permission of the organizer and its curator. a. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor stipulates that the organizer`s registrar will make all necessary arrangements to send the exhibition to and from the exhibitor. The organizer`s courier will accompany the exhibition during the trip and the courier`s expenses will be included in the transportation costs.

The organizer and exhibitor`s registrars set advantageous dates for sending in and out of the exhibition within the limits set out in the exhibition plan described above. B. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor stipulates that the exhibitor agrees to accept the delivery of the exhibition directly to a secure and climate-controlled area on its site, where the organizer`s courier inspects the exhibition material provided. The exhibitor provides competent packers for unpacking and reconditioning the exhibition. Unpacking takes place only 24 hours after delivery. The exhibitor undertakes to store crates and packaging materials for display in climate-controlled areas that meet the temperature and humidity standards set out in Section VIII below. C. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor provides that photography, film and video recordings of the exhibition, including television reports, may be permitted for documentary, educational or advertising purposes related to the exhibition, but only if they are monitored by a member of the exhibitor`s staff. C. The organizer`s agreement with the exhibitor stipulates that: (i) the exhibitor issues, in its entirety, the works listed in the agreement between the organiser and the exhibitor, without deletions or additions, unless the organiser has obtained an explicit written authorization for this modification before the exhibition opens on the exhibitor`s website; (ii) The exhibitor cannot change the title of the exhibition without the prior written consent of the organizer.

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