Racing Group – First steady run along the Quayside 17-9-18

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1071450758The first steady run for the newly created racing group was a resounding success last night.

9 TBH juniors met at the cycle hub, then headed out towards the Copthorne, all turning at exactly 12 ½ minutes, with the aim of hitting the starting point again at precisely 25 minutes.

The person who best paced this session, finishing at the starting point just a few seconds inside 25 minutes was Amber Maynard. The headwind out made this session a little harder to judge, with a good few of our juniors finishing well within the 25 minutes, due to the tailwind on the way back making things easier.

Thanks to our helpers Raj Nair, Andy Hardy and Kev Cheetham, along with all the parents who also joined in with the session.

These sessions are predominantly for year 7 children upwards, but we do have some capable year 6s joining in. If you would like me to consider your child for the racing group, just drop me a line.

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