Morocco Free Trade Agreement

A contracting party applying a safeguard measure endeavours to grant the other party mutually agreed trade compensation in the form of concessions with substantially equivalent commercial effects or equivalent to the value of the additional rights resulting from the measure. If the parties fail to agree on compensation within 30 days of the date of notification of a decision to implement the measure, the other party may take customs measures with trade effects substantially equivalent to the safeguard measure. The contracting party applies the measure only for the minimum period necessary to produce substantially equivalent effects and, in any event, only during the application of the protection measure. 3. A contracting party is not in a position to offer compensatory adjustments if the parties agree that the proposed amendment includes a purchase entity over which the party has effectively eliminated its control or influence. If the parties do not agree that state control or influence has been effectively eliminated, the contested party may request new information or consultations to clarify the nature of state control or influence and to reach agreement on which entities continue to be dealt with in this chapter. Unless otherwise stated, this chapter applies to the trade in goods of a contracting party. The parties are cooperating with an agreement on state-owned enterprises in the WTO, namely: (e) whether a commodity is eligible for duty-free treatment under Article 2.6 (goods re-written after repair or modification). The Free Trade Agreement with Morocco (ALEA) came into force on 1 January 2006. Under the agreement, most Moroccan products arrive in the United States duty-free and virtually all are imported free of charge to the United States until full implementation on January 1, 2023. The trade agreement with Morocco does not provide for an exemption from the goods processing tax (MPF).

To learn more about how to claim preferences on these goods, choose: 1. Unless the disputed agreement is otherwise agreed, the court consists of three arbitrators, one arbitrator appointed by each of the contested and the third, who is the designated predatory referee with the agreement of the contested. 3. A party to an agreement or arrangement of the type covered in paragraph 1, whether it exists or exists in the future, gives the other party, if interested, the appropriate opportunity to negotiate its membership in such an agreement or agreement or to negotiate a similar agreement with it. When one party grants recognition independently, it offers the other party the opportunity to demonstrate that studies, experience, licences or certifications or requirements acquired in the territory of that party should be recognized.

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