Marital Settlement Agreement Que Significa

Before entering what we are interested in, be aware that in a non-legal habitat context, it may refer to a colony, colony or village, with respect to previously uninhabited land. If you find the term transaction in the context of a legal, judicial or extrajudicial dispute, be aware that it refers to the agreement that ends a dispute or legal action. If the property is transferred inter vivo, before the making of a will, the comparison refers to the provisions relating to the transfer of ownership (transfer of ownership) which renders the grant (Settlor) for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries, usually members of their family. Finally, we will see how billing can be translated into different documents regarding the transfer of ownership. In an economic document, liquidation may be about the payment of an amount or the satisfaction of a debt. In the context of a document called transfer mortis causa (as legal experts say) of the estate, that is, when we are faced with a procedure for the distribution of inheritance or succession, the tally may relate to the legal procedure for the distribution of the estate itself. The seller shipped the merchandise after confirming the account count by the buyer. Another word you`ve found a thousand times in legal documents: settling accounts. But do you really know what this means in all contexts? You are warned that it is not as obvious as it sounds. The origin of the verb from which the count comes gives us some valuable insights that will help us understand its meaning.

Therefore, in this economic context, we can translate billing as a payment, adjustment, billing or finitquito. The substrate of the habitat comes from the verb (too) settle. An agreement can be reached in the context of a company procedure, a right to quantity, a divorce, a transfer of ownership, etc. In any case, we must search for the translation that best corresponds to our text using one of these texts: agreement [or transaction agreement], agreement, conciliation or transaction. Such agreements or agreements are generally reflected in a binding contract in which the parties agree to release responsibilities and waive any further legal action in this matter. We discovered up to nine different ways to translate it into different contexts. These provisions are generally intended to retain certain assets in the family or to pay a distribution other than that which would be consistent with the estate law of their jurisdiction or to pay less tax. Strictly legal, we can talk about agreement, processing, billing, billing, settlement, payment, allocation, distribution and Finiquito. But let`s go with the meanings of the term in the legal and economic field. This means that we can be divided into 3 large groups. A term that seems simple, easy to understand, but that is not really. Or the complete distribution of the inheritance by the executor.

As in the example of Black`s, in this context we find related expressions like: Although this is not the meaning we are looking for, we have found a derivative expression with a lot of legal content. Thus the settlers or settlers of this colony were called settlers (not to be confused with Settlor). We hope this ticket has served you well. If you want to learn more about legal English, visit our resource area, click here below. Sometimes the simplest words are the ones that cause us the most problems. This verb, in turn, seems to be the fusion of two old English verbs that are: right of colonization: a certificate issued by the government that grants a colony country that we could translate into transaction rights. It is therefore a matter of terminating a dispute by the agreement of the parties to the dispute in question.

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