Kentucky Covid Quarantine Agreement

“That is exactly what the Director of the Department of Health told the judge that, for that reason, I refused the self-quarantine, and that was not the case at all. I never said that,” said Elizabeth Linscott. We didn`t steal a store, we didn`t steal anything, we didn`t hit and ran, we didn`t do anything wrong. The Linscotts are not the only ones who have been attracted to the quarantine law. On March 30, Kentucky Circuit judges ordered that at least four COVID-19 patients wear ankle monitors for allegedly breaking self-isolation orders. And on April 6, the Kanawha County Court authorized the sheriff`s office to issue ankle monitors for those who refuse to apply for quarantine. Colorado and Hawaii have also considered using ankle monitors to monitor those that have been quarantined. “That`s exactly what the director of the Department of Health told the judge that`s why I refuse self-quarantine and that wasn`t the case at all,” Linscott was quoted as saying. “I never said that.” A Kentucky couple was placed under house arrest after one of them tested positive for coronavirus and refused to sign documents accepting quarantine at home. The couple said they did not refuse to isolate themselves and planned to do so. A Kentucky couple says they were placed under house arrest for refusing to sign self-quarantine documents.

“You said, `We have three court decisions for her, your wife and daughter, who say you refused the quarantine. Now you have to wear these ankle monitors,” said Isaiah Linscott, Elizabeth`s husband. “What happens if we refuse? It`s just going to get out of hand. Copyright 2020 WAVE via Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. They were told that if they were travelling more than 200 metres from the house, the county would be alerted, and if they refused to cooperate, the sheriff`s office would engage. In a statement, Hardin County Sheriff John Ward said the office “has given daily court decisions by both the Hardin Circuit and the district courts.” “My grandparents also wanted to see me,” Linscott says. “So just to make sure, if I test negatively that she would be in order, that everything was fine.” Elizabeth received a call from the Hardin County Health Department asking why she decided not to sign the documents. After a conversation with an employee, Elizabeth hooked up the phone, frustrated.

She then received a text informing her that the police would be called because she had refused to sign. Elisha Fieldstadt is an NBC News reporter. “I just didn`t agree with the wording, because I know that if I had signed it and had an emergency, it would have been held against me by not calling,” she said.

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